$10 Earth Box Clone – Growums Container Vegetable Garden at Lowes

John from www.growingyourgreens.com shares with you a deal on the Growums Garden in a Box for . The Growums is very similiar to the Earth Box but much less expensive. In this video John will share with you how to set up and plant out one of these container gardens. The Growums earth style box will allow you to grow food anywhere! Container vegetable gardening is one of the best ways to grow food if you rent or live in an apartment. For the best prices on delivered worm castings visit: www.rootnaturally.com
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  1. John
    Thank you for the Growums info. I had to open a case with Lowes corporate sales to find them. They located 10 for me in a MO store. I should get them this week. With a large greenhouse and several hundred container gardens I’m always looking to try new things. Have you seen the self watering rain gutters and kiddie pool sub-irrigated planters created by Larry Hall. Seach it up on Youtube. They both work great and are very low maintenance with float valves. From south Texas many thanks.

  2. I bought 11 of these today, the garden center manager wanted them gone, since I agreed to take them all he let me have them for $5 a piece. Woot Woot With the help of a couple neighborhood kids we are going to set up some of them for a few of our elderly neighbors. The helper kids will get one also. Thanks John for pointing these out, I would have likely missed this opportunity to share the joy of gardening.

  3. I had bought 4 when this video came out $10 a piece. Today I went and bought the other 5 they had at $6 a piece. Thanks so much John, I think these will hold 2 pepper plants very nicely!!!

  4. Now that I am waiting for my boxes to arrive I am trying to decide what is best to grow in tthem. If I use it for tomatoes will i only put in one plant? Suggested from you or others with experience would be great~

  5. Really enjoy your videos. Today I went to Lowe’s to see if they still had these boxes. They did not so I went to Lowe’s online and got a phone number. They said if they could find it it may not be at that price and I may have to pay shipping. I told them I wanted 6 but only if I could have the clearance price and free shipping. I got both! Looking forward to getting them set up ! thanks for the tip!

  6. You must have the happiest plants in the World.

  7. I bought 6 of these today after seeing the video. That was all there was within 50 miles of me. I put one together already. It is just like the earth box except slightly smaller. I plan on using them in my greenhouse this winter.

  8. If you plant the dog in the box will you get more dogs?

  9. Hey John are there any succulents that are hardy to zone 7 that can be eaten?

  10. vermiculite is sort of pricey, can i just mix it with sand?

  11. LOL…finally got to the end and you totally cracked up putting your dog in the grow box! My Grandmother’s Chihuahua would do the same thing…too funny…

  12. Cool, thank you!

  13. John you have a contract with Lowe’s, play all those games

  14. Exchange below taken from Growums facebook page.

    Question: “Is the “Garden in a Box” plastic container BPA free plastic?”

    Answer: “Yes, it is BPA free! The Garden in a Box is made of PP plastic, which has a recycle number of 5″

  15. So i went out and bought all my store had and just fyi if you find them at other stores some and u do mean some will ship them to you, mine did but has to be approved by mang. So thanks john

  16. What state are you in? Great find!

  17. Is it BPA Free or a food safe plastic?

  18. Great video! Went out and found the last one at Lowes and was on sale for 4.00! Score!!

  19. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I bought my box last week and my Kohlrabi has already sprouted. $10 woot woot!

  20. Oops sorry, I asked you to repost this video because I thought it was deleted but I found it. Sorry for my invalid comment.

  21. I went to the Lowe’s and could not find any, went home and ordered online for store pickup and someone found them so thanks for the heads up also Amazon has the Hydrofarm GCTR Tomato Trellis Garden on Wheels for 35.00 List Price: $74.99 I may try one of those as well.

  22. You are correct about the local gardening stores not carrying Azomite. Can you give me information on a vendor that won’t eat my lunch with shipping charges. I watched one video where you purchased 44 lbs at a local store for under $25, but I’m seeing online prices of around $76 dollars. We don’t even have a hydroponics store, or any organic gardening products readily available. If there were enough organic gardeners around here to support one, I’d consider opening one. 

  23. Went to Lowe’s online and ordered the quantity available, and picked up in the stores. One store called me right away to say they didn’t have them, but since I’ve done a lot of business with Lowe’s, I knew their website shows the quantities in stock. After 18 minutes on hold, I called back and got the manager who located a palet on the two shelf. My point is, if their online shows them, they should have some. I ended up getting 11 of them.

  24. I and my Best-friend Ginny have looked almost everywhere we could think of, up to and including the local rock and soil landscapers for Azomite. We’d give up and were about to order online as you suggested until I found and went to my local hydroponics store, Worm’s Way. They have it in many different amounts and mixes. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you too want to use Azomite and the other wonderful additives our friend here suggests, find your local hydroponics store or online/mail Worm’s Way

  25. Hey John, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the time you take on sharing your knowledge with us! I LOVE ur vids and your cute too :)