10 Terrific Tomato Growing Tips – Growing PERFECT Tomatoes at Home

http://organichomegrown.blogspot.co.uk/ Our tomatoes are almost ripe, just a couple more weeks before we start seeing some big colour. I searched and found 1…

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  1. Thanks for video – you are very wise. I’m new to gardening and live in
    Australia, but up in the mountains so more kind of England weather really.
    Got tomato seedlings and now they are growing crazy huge. Chillies not
    doing so well, but tomatoes. Crazy! So happy. Thanks for all the tips. I’ll
    be out following your instructions tomorrow (in the rain). I have several
    plants with fruit at different stages so will be getting rid of those
    random branches of leaves! I’m amazed they are doing so well as it’s been
    a cold summer up here, lots of rain, not much sun and all my pants are
    outside. Some in pots, some in the garden soil. You have certainly helped.
    You may be young enough to be my son, but I’m a babe in the woods when it
    comes to growing ANYTHING!

  2. Do the sweetcorn get pollinated alright in the greenhouse? 

  3. Thank you for the useful information, the string idea will work a lot
    better than the cages i am using now, keep up the good work.

  4. Excellent tips Huw. You have learnt such a lot about Horticulture for such
    a young age , are you going to take it up as a career ?

  5. Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Reply January 20, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    I stuck 1 sucker in one of my garden beds last year and the thing took
    over. it ended up growing larger then the mother plant! Great tips and
    tricks my friend!

  6. Hours of light needed is better phrased as heat units. Hotter climates need
    fewer hours of direct light than cooler climates. Here in central ca, we
    aim for 8 hours, with late afternoon shade, or the fruits cook on the vines
    before they ripen. Most varieties do fruit on the suckers, but not all.
    Suckers can be placed into wet compost to root for a late summer crop in
    areas like here with a very long season. Finally a wonderful companion
    plant is carrots. We get 1/3 more fruit this way with Roma tomatoes.
    Over all excellent video and very informative.

  7. Well done great information thank you for sharing

  8. Question on the tip.. did you say porage? I got the onions basil
    and Nasturtium 

  9. Fuck, you hurt my head..

  10. Love the string tip !! thanks heaps.

  11. Thank you for the information..very helpful!

  12. Good job young man! I wish my boys shared interest in gardening with me.

  13. I think your video was lovely and if u were my son I would b very proud of
    you excellent

  14. You’re a sweetie my partner said! Love your video brother. Very helpful.

  15. Great video, and great tips but my advice would be to talk a bit more
    lively. You sound really quite robotic.

  16. Love your accent, anyway thanks for sharing. First time planter and I am
    loving every minute of it.

  17. a little tip i want to share: Ricinus communis is great to get rid of moles :) just watch out one seed can kill a child 4-5 a grown up if eaten, and
    they do look like candy.
    also you will need to get rid of the seed before they are ready to
    literally pop, up to 10 meters away, and trust me there will be hundred of
    seeds per plant flying in all directions, also the leaves and other plant
    parts can cause irritation to skin and eyes, i have about 10 of those in my
    back yard and had no problems with mole, and i never had any health issue
    because of the plant, but do be careful if you are planting those as they
    are dangerous if not handled properly.

  18. very useful thanks 

  19. WELL DONE!! Hope you had a nice time on your holiday! I learned a couple
    of new things with the tips that you offered such as who gets along with
    who, companion wise, and taking off the first set of leaves after a while
    makes tremendous sense as you don’t want to splash the leaves when you
    water them as that can spread disease! Great shot of the bumbler doing his
    pollinating thing on the nasturshums (I know I spelled that wrong). Oh,
    and GREAT tip about planting those suckers that you pull off….new plants
    for FREE! What’s not to like? Keep up the great work, and hope you
    enjoyed that bumper crop of toms! BTW, it is poss to use the greenies at
    the end of the season for several recipes, I imagine you could find quite a
    few on the net, good to not waste that last crop of the season!!! :-) 

  20. I have loved this video and even joined gmail just to give you my feedback.
    I live India after moving from the UK 5 yrs ago and have just started to
    attempt to grow tomatoes. Thx for the superb tips. 

  21. Leafs always produce more energy then they use.Tomatoes get their growth
    from the leaf. Leaf=sugar production. Do an experiment: leave the suckers
    on half your plants, and remove them on the other half. Then weigh and
    count your tomatoes production for that season. It always depends on the
    variety. I have one variety that grows straight up with little sucker
    growth. at nine feet I stop upward growth by pinching the terminus. Then
    all the sucker start growing, with blooms. It’s to bad that my growing
    season is only 120 days if i’m lucky. You have experiment with plants,
    different varieties, different methods. Keep copious notes. Try different
    thing every year. Remember always The biggest enemy is the length of your
    growing season. 

  22. Well done! Beautiful tomatoes! 

  23. Ironman Lee gerstmann Reply January 21, 2015 at 2:22 am

    What plastic sheeting is that you are using instead of glass? and it looks
    like it works great, cheers for video

  24. Are steroids good for tomato plants ?

  25. Christine Ebertshauser Reply January 21, 2015 at 3:32 am

    Thank you