2010 garden vlog17 March 18th Starting a garden!HD

I finally get to star my ne addition for my 2011 garden by covering the lawn with cardboard boxes.
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  1. @VivianRinSC yeah you don’t see much people garden out of rage ;)

  2. A constant learning process. Gardeners are some of the smartest people I know. :) More peaceful, too. lol

  3. @MrTJHS i will and thanks for the praises…but I’m still a begginer…..but I learn quickly ;)

  4. Please watch my video and offer as much advise or tips that you can. I really love your videos and I think you are. Fantastic gardener!! Please leave me a comment.. Thanks

  5. Well I kept giving it water right on the stem….and that was the only part that was wet..so of course it rotted. the others are doing fine since I’m watering them a few inches away from the stem and all is fine. I’ve even got flowers!

  6. I would say your plant suffered from damping off disease. It comes from a too moist planting medium and not using a sterile soil mix. Plus, all cucurbits don`t take too well to transplanting. Always withhold water after about 2 pm and let the soil dry out. Next time plant the seed, in peat pots, 2 seeds to a pot. when the seedlings get a few inches tall, clip off the weakest one and when the soil warms up, pop the whole thing in the ground, trying to not disturb the roots.

  7. Weird about the leaves. And yes it’s a part of gardening.You win some you lose some I guess ;)

  8. LOL yeah I needed more moosehead LOL!

  9. LMAO!! Best opening ever!

  10. I am sorry about your cucumber. We are losing a green bean. It never grew the first set of big leaves, it went straight for the second set, and yesterday the sun pretty much killed it. I tried to water it, but it didn’t perk up. That is the sad part of gardening.

  11. yeah, if you want the grass to die and be composted you need to block the sun. so the plant dies but also so the worms can go up to the surface and eat the grass (they won’t if they see light)

  12. K new gardens..it,s another kind of exitment! i was you could build some cold frames with old windows…..I have an idea to put cardboard boxes over your plant at night.and remove them after sun up.

  13. Well if I was to put a raised bed on top of the cardboard I would be ok and the grass would rot instead of coming through it. It works just as well as weed barrier does. can’t wait to see underneat yours

  14. You’re so lucky to have all that space for you garden! <: o lol I’ve seen nurseries do something like that. They laid down huge sheets of the cheap clear plastic that you can get from the hardware store,home depot,rona…ect. They just put bricks and field stones all around the outside to hold it down.
    : D Like a flat greenhouse I guess..hehe

  15. hoping today to turn the soil where i plan to plan:) we just moved in in jan so i didnt get to prep last year for this year so we shall see how it goes. We have cold nights all summer sometimes with light frost so I am looking into inexpensive options for night coverings to keep stuff alive:)

  16. We did that with the boxes to cover grass… it works, but we were too impatient so we just got weed barrier and covered where we were going to plant and piled dirt up where our rows were. Since we are doing square foot gardens we are now moving our garden dirt over to them… so we shall see what is under the weed barrier. We are doing that today!!! Can’t wait!!! Video to come!

  17. Yeah me too I’m axnious to see how well the grass will get composted ;)

  18. Well I already have a huge planting spot ready…I’m taking small steps not to get ovewhelmed. after all this is only my second year gardening! ;) and I’ve already trippled my garden’s size ;) but your idea is worth trying….

  19. You’ve been busy! I can’t wait to see how this turns out. :)

  20. Y…looks like u av alot of seedlings, so Y wait til next year, it may work but I’d just dig it,mix in ur compost & plant(inMay), unless ur goin with raised beds, then I’d use some black poly(plastic sheet) 2 prevent grass leaching…

  21. yeah the liquor store thing was a first! lol I’m gonna go check that pic out….I used to take a lot of pics but since I have my flip I make videos mostly lOL and I found such a trap in Fall and it smelled really bad too.

  22. LOL @ going to the liquor store when it opens. The worms are going to love you. People probably thought I was nuts today. I was able to putter around in the front yard veg section this morning before it turned cold. Took a pic of the garden fork with a bit of fluffed up dirt and stuck it on my blog. hehehe Found an old slug beer trap left over from last fall. It smelled horrible! Thought a fish gut truck drove by or something until I saw the trap. LOL!

  23. AHAHAHHAHAH!!!! well it was Friday eh!?

  24. 9am and need a drink………….true canadian. hehehehehehehe

  25. oh and I hope it’s not too bad for your onions!