2011 garden “seed tour”

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  1. My local Kmart sell’s Burpee Organic Seeds for $2.49 if anyone is looking for them check Kmart I think it sells on Burpee’s website for $3.00 and up…

  2. that’s a lot of seeds :) and no info!

  3. that’s a lot of seeds :)

  4. N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery Reply September 9, 2013 at 2:22 am

    hi nice collection of seeds! Those seeds that say American seed company.I hate to tell you this but i got mine at walmart for 20cents a pack same seeds.But i see he has organic and heirloom seeds you won’t find at walmart.I love to go through all my seeds.But our weather has me down so much rain!Thanks

  5. Thanx for the information.

  6. I dont see the link for seed company