2012 Growing Broccoli Update #1 Potting up / Transplanting

This is us growing our Broccoli for our Garden
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17 Responses to “2012 Growing Broccoli Update #1 Potting up / Transplanting”

  1. Thanks for this! I’m a gardening newbie and I wasn’t sure how many seeds should go in each cell. Do you have to pot up broccoli? Could I just move the little seedling from a cell directly into the container that it will grow in permanently?

  2. yea we all learn something each time… as we go along I really like Jiana’s baby sounds, and seen her… the weather was not so good back then… but we learn as we go… this plants look nice like always…. and your broccoli from last year looked nice…!! I bet you cannot wait to eat some this year!!

  3. Thanks. I baby my plants a bit hehe.

  4. Wow! very healthy.

  5. Everything is coming along. I might skip an update this week.. this little cold snap has slowed things down a little.

  6. Anytime! Thanks for watching.

  7. I will take that in to consideration. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Another great video…thank you. Your plants ALWAYS look so healthy. I too find the music distracting. I think most people who are interested in gardening do not need the music editing feature. I find it disturbing and would much rather listen to your instructions by themselves. You still get a ‘Like’ from me, but please consider dropping the music.

  9. lovingGodforever12 Reply July 31, 2012 at 12:40 am

    Great video thanks for sharing!!

  10. hehe.. I enjoy transplanting. Keep up the good work with your little brother.

  11. Thanks Brad! How is your garden coming along? I will have to see your updates.

  12. Hmm i think i started these in mid late Feb. I should of started in Dec as well. But this will be a learning experience and will see how they produce this year. Did you see my broccoli from last year?

  13. I will take that in to consideration. Thanks for the feedback.

  14. Just a suggestion, the video was much more enjoyable without the background music. 

  15. When did you started all of your plants I think that I started mines late…. i think that I should of started late in Dec so I could have seedlings to transfer I’m working on the videos :) coming soon :)

  16. just like the rest of your stuff… looks great.

  17. Theawesomegardener Reply July 31, 2012 at 3:33 am

    Nice!!! YAY! Transplanting!