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Garden Travels – Organic Wines / Great Plants Picks!

Dave travels to the beautiful Santa Barbara wine country to enjoy organic wines at Presidio Winery. Then he’s off for great plant picks for your garden, at The Elizabeth Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle. Read more

How to build a basic garden railroad, part 2

Garden Railways magazine shows you how to set up a simple garden railroad. Part two includes: Constructing a simple tunnel, connecting the power, adding structures and details, gardening, and completion of Read more


JULIE BASS FACES NEW CHARGES (7/15): Julie’s blog: Oak Park Hates Veggies Facebook page: Facebook post by Joseph Dupont: Dear Editor, Due to public pressure and most likely Read more

How to build a raised planter bed garden groEasy Redwood Raised Planter Kit 855-LetsGRO! (855-538-7476) The groEasy Redwood Planter Kit assembles in minutes with no hardware or tools needed. This model is available in two different sizes: Read more

Buying Non-GMO Seeds: Botanical Interests

One of the questions that I often get and have had myself for a while is where can you buy non-gmo seeds or seeds Read more