3 Common Garden Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

When planning a vegetable garden it’s easy to ignore problems that can occur when plants are in the ground. In this video we look at 3 common mistakes gardeners make when planning their gardens and give simple solutions. Making sure your plants are spaced correctly, using companion planting to defend against pests and sowing in batches every few weeks so you have backup options are all important. This video shows how to use the Garden Planner to insure that your crops have the best chance of producing a great harvest. The Garden Planner is available from several major websites and seed suppliers: www.GrowVeg.com http gardenplanner.almanac.com and many more… Please subscribe to our channel if you’d like to be notified of new videos in the series, or like the video and add a comment to give us feedback. Thanks!
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2 Responses to “3 Common Garden Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)”

  1. Really excellent presentation! The lovely British accent is a bonus too–my family and I jokingly practice saying “pla-a-nt. The Garden Planner is surprisingly good, way more than a gimmick.

  2. Please do supply the ‘long link’ for those of us wanting to show this video on blogs using Windows Live Writer. Its a really excellent video and I so want to share it!!