3. Vegetable Seed Saving – Carrots & Parsnips

http://heirloomseedsaving.com/ Learn how to save vegetable seeds from carrots.
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  1. Hey David, I was wondering what manual you have there in the video. Also,
    is there any gardening manual in particular that you would reccomend?
    Loving your videos by the way. :)



  2. Another great video. Full of valuable information. The French learning from
    the Irish haha´╗┐

  3. David did you say it takes a year and a half for carrots to go to seed?
    this year I stumbled across purple haze carrots, obviously a hybrid not
    heirloom BUT none the less I wanted to add them to my collection so I took
    my3 nicest carrots carefully from the soil and transplanted them in an
    indoor bucket with my indoor light for small winter grows of peas and such,
    how long am I looking at before they seed? was hoping to have them ready
    for next summer!

  4. Very usefull , specially the winter storage info. Many thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing!

  6. love carrots