30 Minute Herb Garden

This is a promotional video with Patti Moreno the Garden Girl for Gardensoxx. The no excuses method of gardening will help you have a delicious herb garden in under 30 minutes. Watch the video and visit www.gardensoxx.com for more information.

25 Responses to “30 Minute Herb Garden”

  1. I love this idea!

  2. I love this idea! I want a garden box and garden socks!!!

  3. at minute 2.30, why are you removing the basils into the Gardensoxx? Is it because they needed bigger space as they grow?

  4. the mesh of GardenSoxx is specifically manufactured for gardening, and so it is made to supply proper moisture and air circulation to plants. The special mesh combined with the compost also reduces weeds & disease. So I doubt making your own would be as effective. Also I’ve heard these last at least 2 growing seasons, usually more. Hope this helps everyone!!

  5. erbs oregino

  6. I thought the whole point of garden sacks were to make your life easier though xD it seems that filling your garden bed with compost would be easier than making your own garden socks. That is a very great way to save money though…I would have never thought to just make my own! thanks :D

  7. Easy to make your own: sew sacks, fill with compost!

  8. the nitrogen in the compost might be too much for the plants and burn them.

  9. MrAlvinSinfulSong Reply April 8, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    Could you just put the plant into the compost with the soil?

  10. super neat idea! am excited for Spring already… thanks for inspiration. (=

  11. I saw those garden socks at a local garden store a few days ago…oh my goodness they were so expensive! I don’t remember the exact price but they were definetly out of my price range o_o

  12. your on a computer which is an oil based product. Not to mention animal tested!!

  13. Growing Herbs in a ‘synthetic material’… I dunno how healthy that can be? What is this ‘synthetic material’??

  14. i would have thought we would not want oilbased products.

  15. Burlap bags work as well.

  16. What no dirt under your nails?

  17. Really clever!! Love it! Keep the great tips and wonderful vids coming. :)

  18. oh Patti!! those veggies are doing wonders on your physique!!!!! so vibrant and healthy!!! very beautiful!!!

  19. U can do the same directly in bags of soil. No buying and filling gardensoxx needed.

  20. I am wondering that too ernest302 …….did anyone reply to your question?

  21. URBS

  22. I was wandering if you could make some out of an old pair of bluejeans for a season of plantings

  23. great video please would like to know the site you buy this from i think i just found the way to do the back yard without worrying about digging up or messing up the grass in my rental…thanks

  24. great vidio patti thnx (ur a super hottie)beautifull an smart :)

  25. what about sun exposure? how much do herbs need?