30 Minute Vegetable Garden

Patti Moreno the Garden Girl plants a vegetable garden in 30 minutes using Gardensoxx. www.gardensoxx.com Subscribe to our Free Magazine visitor.constantcontact.com And Visit our Website: www.gardengirltv.com http
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25 Responses to “30 Minute Vegetable Garden”

  1. Actually I think this is very convienient! Now If i was her I would not use the sox in a raised bed because you couldn’t add any worm castings or any organic furtilizer in the bed because with companies like that, who knows how rich that soil actually is? But I do think that this is ideal for growing on a Patio. If you don’t want to buy these huge pots to take up a bunch of space in your backyard, with these you could just line 2 or three ina ow and have a mini garden right there on cement! :D

  2. I love the way you talk. Such passion for gardening!

  3. You always provide helpful information. Is HGTV sleeping?

  4. GraceTruthTeacher Reply August 26, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Great attitude and ability to see the big picture! God bless you!

  5. The point was to show the masses there are “easier” ways.. Otherwise, most people aren’t going to put the effort into a garden right away… Of course she doesn’t need to use these… great video…

  6. Wow, what a concept. Love it.
    Will ck with H.Depot.


  8. Ok people get ready to spend your entire life saving on this raised bed…..you’ll probs grow a few useful stuff but the only person who will benefit from this type of setup is the store owner. you can do all this stuff on a shoestring budget with just a little imagination!

  9. Too expensive, certainly not within reasonable means for most people. You’d be better off building a regular raised bed that will last you longer at a much more affordable price tag.

  10. I get six pounds of tomatoes for a dollar. compare that to this set up, how much would tomatoes cost, and consider the real estate cost.

  11. I’ve spent far less money much faster than 30 minutes just sitting on a chair in Vegas and it was so much easier. Why is it so many people are looking for some effortless way to build and maintain a garden? It makes me sigh in wonder.

  12. you are so pretty!!

  13. This is an exorbitant amount of money. People, please don’t waste your money on gimmicks like this. She’s paid to advertise gimmicks like this. There’s absolutely nothing sustainable about this. By the time you spend a half a thou on this gimmick you could have shopped at whole paycheck every day for org produce. The best and cheapest method is Mel Brooks New Square Foot Gardening book. He only has u using 6 inches of soil and growing most anything (adding more soil for carrots and taters and t

  14. too bad no follow up videos

  15. Seriously… how much were all those socks? I have a feeilng it would be ridiculously cheaper to do this yourself, with even a good quality soil

  16. cool

  17. the deal is that all these folks (and I can think of some others) get FREE materials in exchange for advertizing these products. 

  18. now where’s the video for the normal people that make less then 100K a year?

  19. yuppie.

  20. Thanks for sharing this video clip. Wonderful.

  21. hope i could get this too.

  22. This is just sad. The comments explain everything.. 1. Nice sunny spot. 2. Weed free- keep dreaming. 3. No tools, hahaha.. sad.

  23. In the words of my grandfather.. that right there is the height of lazy

  24. man you can get city folk to buy anything.

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