4×4 Square Foot Raised Bed Garden Kit with Green House Dome at Costco

John from www.growingyourgreens.com takes you a field trip to Costco to show you a new product they are offering. It’s the lifetime 4′ x 4′ raised bed kit that comes with two 48″x48″x9″ raised beds plus a Green House Dome that allows you to start your growing season earlier
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17 Responses to “4×4 Square Foot Raised Bed Garden Kit with Green House Dome at Costco”

  1. I’ve seen some reasonably priced recycled polypropylene ones here in the UK, Would these be durable and nontoxic?

  2. I doubt my grandmother could put that together, she’s been dead since 1986.

  3. can you make a vid on how to build it?I got one but i lost the instructions

  4. Excellent info..thanks

  5. Great video and great overview, John! We’re so glad you liked our new Raised Garden Kits and so glad you shared them with your viewers. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi John, I would like to ask you to review a seed company for me. Could you call me @801-636-5999 and ask for John?

  7. thank you for making all this informaiton available. i just started building my raised beds (you’ve inspired my family) i saw the ones at homedepot for sale, but i had already purchased our supplies and we wanted them much bigger than 4 x 4. anyways, thanks again for all your videos and all the good information you pass on.

  8. well, I am very glad you do your video’s. If it werent for your video’s I would still have grass in front of my house doing nothing but costing me money.

  9. Im very sneaky and discrete when I need to be.. Yes, stores do not like me filiming, if they catch me, they usually tell me that Im not allowed, and in some instances have been asked to leave.. I do it all so people can GROW MORE FOOD!

  10. I am really surprised that they let you film in the costco’s. In alberta if you are caught with a camera in there they will take your membership away. thanks for the info.

  11. I like to think “good, better, best”. I would like to use a natural material before a plastic – stones, concrete, bricks, rocks, rip-rap, wood, etc. That would be “best”. Better might be HDPE.  They actually make water pipes out of HDPE (black) that are much better than using PVC (white) pipes. They say HDPE is non-toxic and chemical resistant.. and if it is good enough for water pipes, should be ok to grow in.

  12. What do you think of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) being used for the walls of a raised garden bed?
    Is that going to leech the HDPE (plastic) into the soil/food?

  13. Nice I will have to check my local store

  14. Thanks for the info. :-)

  15. Rootical thanks for your hard works friend John!

  16. will it leach chemicals/toxins into the plants?

  17. yeah i was just at home depot a minute ago actually…they still have the 4×8 on sale for $45 vs. $129 normal….