50% off 2013 Vegetable Seeds – Summer Clearance

While visiting our new favorite local hardware store, we found that they put the 2013 seed packets on 50% off, since they just received a new order for the 2…
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7 Responses to “50% off 2013 Vegetable Seeds – Summer Clearance”

  1. +Gecko Hardware 50% off sale on Vegetable Seeds!

  2. Charm City Balcony Garden Reply February 6, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Nice find! Now I have to go my local hardware store:)

  3. Great deal

  4. I got mine .16 cents at dollar general the same kind

  5. Awesome deal. I think it’s more of another regulation that there are dates
    on seeds for sale; seeds can last years and years and sometimes decades
    (and in a few rare instances, centuries). Nice find. :)

  6. They still have True Values!!? Wow, those closed down in my area years
    ago.. Awesome buy.. We have a store called Ace Hardware, had seeds for
    $.10.. Nice seed stock pile

  7. Wow great value. I have some old seeds and they still work great. That’s
    was a nice choice.