56 – TTTEevstar Invades The Herb Garden

This video is NOT suitable for kids. Reuploaded to improve special effects. Kudos to CaptainTooner for the idea for the ending. With this poop, we welcome TTTEevstar as a proper member of WTLNetwork. He did a lot of the work on this, and we hope you enjoy it.

25 Responses to “56 – TTTEevstar Invades The Herb Garden”

  1. No, I’M in space.

  2. Yea, she is. I just wrote down what I heard in the video.

  3. Sage is actually an owl.

  4. a herbs ytp…i cant believe i had never even thought to search for one before!

  5. make a poop out of the movie cars

  6. what happened to all the Thomas ones? I loved them!! :(

  7. How did I know Wheatly and the Space Core were gonna be in space.

  8. I like the bit when the door exploded! I’m glad I came up with that bit!

  9. You sing amazingly well <3

  10. I like the Jean Michel Jarre at the end :)

  11. An rather featheary acorn sage.

  12. Here comes constable Knapweed.. constable Knapweed is a c*nt!

  13. Sims in the city is by 007 ?

  14. AM HAPPY! :D

  15. Well. I’m TTTEevstar and i’m back! I am now called TheEvstarAlt and i’m starting to put up all of my old poops before moving on to some new ones.

  16. Man, what happened to him anyway? He was in his prime for pooping and then he vanished!

  17. Did you like this show?

  18. WTL is it ok if i remake this cause there are a few things i wanna add like when she said bravo i will include the ‘castle bravo exposion’

  19. Is TTTEevstar A Good Pooper Like U?

  20. “I’d better say the magic word(s)”

    … Fire in the hole!! *KABOOM!!!*

  21. panniertankboy8751 Reply December 22, 2012 at 2:46 am

    lol Basil


  22. Our Parsley Lost Its Dildo And Got It Back XD

  23. It’s a show called ‘The Herbs’ that was made in 1968. I used to watch it as a kid and TTTEevstar pitched the idea of a poop of it to me and of course I went for it and we made it together.

  24. what show is dis

  25. Dad! I’m in space! [low-pitched 'space' voice] I’m proud of you, son. [normal voice] Dad, are you space? [low-pitched 'space' voice] Yes. Now we are a family again.