A Complete Video Guide for Growing Heirloom Tomatoes: Start to Finish

This is the growth of the same tomato plant ‘Black Krim’ from start to finish. I spliced together my 6 videos to create A Complete Guide for Growing Heirloom…

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  1. +Kris Hancock In the case of Brandywines and this was brought to my
    attention last year and I have been testing it out… many dont produce
    tons of flowers, so I am letting more of my suckers go to flower. And some
    varieties of Brandywines don’t get out of control if left unpruned. So…
    slowly take off the bottom leaves. In Brandywines case I wouldnt take more
    than 20% off of size from the bottom at a time.

    Prune them lightly from the bottom and just watch for diseases. I would
    stop when the bottom 12 inches of leaves were removed. What varieties do
    you have in.

  2. Gray, do you prefer grow plant in contenner or in the garden bed?

  3. Hi Gary … love your teaching style, you are so organized with your
    thoughts and presentation layout. Very appreciated. You have a nice head
    of hair too, lucky guy!!!

  4. thanks for the information. Yes, i did get a tomato plant from Lowe’s. I
    have noticed that the leaves were getting brown…. so.. I will add some
    epsom salt to their water. what do you think about egg shells? for calcium?
    Later today when the sun comes up.. i’ll start on getting rid of the brown
    leaves and prune it. thanks.

  5. Tee's Life and Garden Reply September 18, 2014 at 1:33 am

    I love watching your videos they are so informative. I am a new gardener
    and your videos have really helped me tremendously. Thank you so much.
    Please keep them coming. 

  6. Will this method work with all tomato types?

  7. What area are you growing in?

  8. thanks for the info, very nicely done

    one question, though, and forgive me if it’s already been addressed in the
    comments, but why pelletized lime vs. powdered?

  9. Usually split tomatoes results from a sudden intake of water by the plant
    after a dry period. Often happens after a rain during drought conditions
    and water was only available when manually watering. At least that’s what
    my learnin’ says ;) 

  10. Thanks for the tutorial.. Very detail and appreciated.

  11. Hi I was wondering how long did this all take you? 

  12. …seems pretty radical worrying about “disease”. just grow the fucking

  13. I too have my garden in MD but I am more toward Western MD so zone 6b.
    I”ve been at tomato growing for 6 years and also have terrible clay but
    over time and amending every year with compost my soil is nice and healthy.
    I don’t use lime, but DO use bone meal at planting for calcium
    supplementation. I have never had problems with BER on any black variety. I
    find the paste types to be most susceptible. I generally cut back branches
    pretty hard too, everything below the first fruit set. Above that I
    generally leave to protect the fruits from Sun scald

  14. Perfectly Imperfect Garden Reply September 18, 2014 at 4:33 am

    not sure if this question was asked yet but I was wondering how often you
    would apply the calcium mixture to the tomato plants? ex. daily, weekly,
    monthly? thanks :) 

  15. Great Video, Thanks for information. Wish we got a hundred degrees heat
    here in Northern England!

  16. Great video. No wonder mine turn out terrible…I do no pruning. In
    general, how often do you water?

  17. Awesome video. I’m subscribing now :) 

  18. Chelsee S. Kainea Rodrigues Reply September 18, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Great video!!! Thanks!

  19. how often do i have to fertilize the tomato plant?

  20. new sub here, must say I loved this vid,and looking forward to looking at
    all the older ones. thankyou

  21. Thanks a lot for this very informative video. I’m growing some tomatoes for
    the first time this year. Your video is very helpful.

  22. sweet i actually have 4 black krims and a black prince about to go in the
    dirt this week. thanks for the info. 

  23. I have been plagued with tomato wilt for years. I finally found out it is
    caused by the nearby black walnut trees. Apparently their leaves have a
    chemical that can kill tomatoes.

  24. Wow! I sure lucked out finding this video today. I just planted a Black
    Krim in a pot yesterday, and saw in your video what I did wrong. I didn’t
    have luck last year growing a tomato either, and now I know why. This is a
    great video. It clearly shows the steps to take. I’m going right out to
    replant properly. Thanks so much. 

  25. You have an edible clover, growing, I think as a weed in your garden next
    to the lettuce that we used to call wild sauerkraut when we were kids
    because of its very tart flavor. It is a great addition to a salad !!!
    Even the yellow flowers are edible. You can also root your suckers, etc
    that you trimmed off your tomatoes and get free plants.!!!