A Garden For All Seasons – Hosta Companion Plants

John Demetriou continues his presentation on the hosta. In this video, John discusses companion plants and innovative settings that enhance the beauty of the plant.
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6 Responses to “A Garden For All Seasons – Hosta Companion Plants”

  1. like what you did to your garden i;m 28 and have a home but my back yard is not as near to what you have done to yours. wow amazing.

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. you need a mike with all the bugs making noise.

  4. You have such a beautiful garden and awesome work !! Thanks for uploading this !!!

  5. What lush growth and beautiful mixtures of greens and textures! Thank you! I hope to incorporate many of these plants in our woodland garden as it develops!

  6. all i can say is….WOW!