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See our citrus. orchid and other tropical plants collections! We want to show the collection before the move. .99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds: http://www.MIgard…
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  1. Nice lemon haul there! I find that indoors with citrus you’ll sorta get
    alternating years with bumper crops to almost nothing. It seems like the
    trees need to rest for a year after a big harvest. Lots of nice tropicals
    all around!

  2. what i personally would do to that olive it knock it down to about 1 and a
    half foot mark then you will still get a tree shape but much bigger stem
    and many more branches. just gotta prune off the lower growth that come to
    keep that tree look.

  3. I’ll never need a grow room here where I am but I find them fascinating and
    they’re a great way for people to grow plants both ornamental and food when
    conditions aren’t ideal. Your coffee plants actually look pretty good I
    thought. I love olives and have several trees they do grow very fast but
    unfortunately in my climate they grow great but don’t flower too well…
    Good luck with your move! 

  4. suburban homestead Reply February 25, 2015 at 3:57 am

    Luke, you’ve amassed quite the collection. Seeing your lemon plant makes me
    want to try to grow one indoors.

  5. OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening Reply February 25, 2015 at 4:51 am

    Very nice indoor tropical garden, Luke! The lemons look amazing!

  6. Wish I could afford to take the chime off your hand. lol

  7. Everything looks great! Is the lemon a Meyers? And did you grow from seed?
    I think it is amazing to see full size fruit indoors. Happy Thanksgiving. :) 

  8. Do you watch Brads Greenhouse? Maybe you should try growing Nepenthes or

  9. I’ve got to find me an olive tree

  10. Will those lemon seeds grow productive trees? And, if so, could I get some,
    please? =o)

  11. Hey, there was one on the floor you didn’t mention. It’s in a small brown
    pot, I’m growing two of those. LOL

  12. when you were a kid, did you get scared of your grandfather clock?

  13. That is cool. I didn’t know citrus trees will bear fruit indoors.

  14. As my dad told me several times, there is no such word or phrase “non the
    less” LOL! I use to use that phrase lots of times until my dad corrected
    me. The phrase is “never the less” Have a great Thanksgiving. By the
    way, that tip on placing yellowing sticky cards down under the canopy of my
    indoor plants to catch fungus ghnats worked like a champ. I was using
    sticky cards, but my placement was wrong until I saw your tip. Now my
    plants are doing much better and the ghnats are dealt with.

  15. Very nice I am jealous of all your plants especially the lemon tree haha.

  16. I live at about 1800 ft. elevation in the mountains of Southern Oregon, so
    citrus doesn’t grow here, but now I want to try. Thank you, and great job
    with the tropical grow room.

  17. I love your lemon tree. Awesome :) 

  18. Awesome! Thanks for the tour :-) 

  19. wonderful array. Envy those citrus.

  20. Great video. I can’t wait for my lemon and tangerine plants to grow and
    starts giving fruits. I started this week my potatoes and hoping for it to
    give potatoes. Very nice like always . 

  21. Thank you for the tour!

  22. Love the sound old grand father clocks make.