A PVC hydroponic garden

www.learninghydro.org Hydroponic rocks make a PVC pipe into a self-contained hydroponic garden. A drain pipe can be converted into a hydroponic garden for a balcony, walkway, or fence. Fill the large diameter pipe with hydroponic rocks, then water with a drip system or pumped flow. Chipped brick or rock wool can also be used. The interior of the pipe creates a closed space for roots. The upper curve of the pipe protects the roots from light and air. The length of a single pipe can be twenty feet. A scrap drain pipe can reduce the cost of the project to less than 0 including the pump. Go to the website http for the hydroponic components, the local plumbing shop for the PVC and fittings.
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  1. Westtexasdustdevil Reply February 3, 2012 at 9:38 am

    humm where is the other parts of this set up?

  2. Try the netcups. You will see the limitations.

    There are other techniques I employ with the hydroton to accelerate the flow / drain cycles.

    The single greatest problem is root jamming. I’ve worked out several techniques to counter the jamming, yet the obvious is larger tubes. Then the weight breaks the supports. I’ve tried a rockwool mixture. The roots grow to a solid mass.

    We’re now working on a system to avoid the problems and ease the difficulties of maintaining the hydroponics.

  3. or you could drill round holes for netcups they are about 0,15$ piece

    and use fraction of the hydroton, roots love the added oxygen space. you might get more stagnant spots and salt buildup in the pipe/hydroton if its totally filled


  5. @3:40 : “EXCELLEEENT!

  6. It seems to me this setup uses a LOAD of grow medium. I don’t understand why it is designed to use so damn much.
    The majority of other systems I have seen use round holes cut in the top of the PVC pipe which holds small cups for grow medium and plants. You only need enough grow medium for filling the cups, not the whole damn tube. Just look at the many “Related” videos at right to see how it should be done.
    Seems to me like the ONLY BENEFIT of this setup is that YOU get to SELL MORE grow medium.

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  8. @bravo24601 That would be a bicycle tire tube.

  9. what’s that rubber sheet called that you used to make the washer? any idea what section @ Home Depot once can find it in?

  10. I love how this dude talks like his talking to retards lol.He must be a special ed teacher.Nice vid thow.gave me some good ideas.

  11. Did he make you watch the whole cut? I couldn’t watch anymore sorry dude. Have you thought about maybe tool time?

  12. Depends on the mineral / chemical composition. I’ve had bad experiences with non-hydroponic gravel. Against that, the most productive fields in Mexico, Guatemala, and Salvador are black lava sand. Try it. Balance the pH, see what happens.

  13. Do you think lava rock would work for growing? i heard it adds a lot of natural minerals. i’m going to use my 150 gallon fish tank to construct a three tube gravity flow hydro unit. i have lave rock, this is why i ask. its free. lol