A walk through my multi raised bed square foot vegetable garden (2 weeks after planting)

Our veggie garden, with inspirations from some of the youtube videos of Growingyourgreens! For the one week compost/lawn clipping turnaround tonic, check out…
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  1. It’s just common household ammonia in a bottle.

  2. question where did u buy your ammonia or what kind did u use? thanks great video and what a great and neat garden

  3. Discourages insects and attracts pollenators.

  4. whats with the marigolds ?

  5. There were 2 in each quarter. This year I have it in one 4 x 4 raised bed and have circled it with 8 plants. Thanks.

  6. ok I want to try the cantelope bush, I have my box built and filled, is there only 1 plant in each quarter or 2? I am going to call around and see where I can find the bamboo. I call it a bush I think it looks really nice. Thanks

  7. Sure there is. It grows up and I eat it. Cycle complete. Furthermore there were regular melons growing with it, since it needed them for pollenation.

  8. Oh the first pickings were great. We left too many on for too long though and the heat zapped ‘em.

  9. How did the corn turn out ?

  10. This is awesome

  11. Very pleasing video good tips too!

  12. I use a shallow box (built of dog eared planks as well) with a 1/4″ screen bottom to sift my compost. I have a video about it on my page. It’s large enough to sit over the top of the wheelbarrow.


  14. I would never buy a seedless watermelon. Theres no cycle.

  15. I wanna see an update! : D

  16. Great job on your first garden. It looks all pro to me, and your camera work was not bad at all.

  17. You might also enjoy videos from the Dervaes out in California!

  18. love your garden!

  19. nice job! you have a nice garden growing

  20. growingyourgreens Reply July 9, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Your Garden looks great! Im glad I could help inspire! Keep on Growing!

  21. your garden is amazing, wow!