‘Above ground’ Wicking Raised Garden Bed – Water Installations and Greywater Reuse Sys

www.waterinstallations.com & www.greywaterreuse.com.au Dr Ross Mars takes you through the process of assembling an ‘above ground’ version of a Wicking Raised Garden Bed, which can also be used for aquaponics. You can purchase Wicking Raised Garden Beds as a kit from Water Installations Pty Ltd & Greywater Reuse Systems in conjunction with the Greenlife Soil Co.
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6 Responses to “‘Above ground’ Wicking Raised Garden Bed – Water Installations and Greywater Reuse Sys”

  1. To me they look way to heavy and massive, and also how are they supposed to “wick” you either have the water level in the soil or not, there is no wicking ability that I can see, it’s like a regular flower pot with gravel for drainage, but if you keep that valve closed you will waterlog the soil for plants that do not need really wet soil.

    Maybe if he put regular areas in the soil that reached down to the bottom of the tub so that if the water level was low it could still wick into the soil.

  2. Cool idea, so next version you ought to design something that weighs less than a ton.

    Why do all these things have to be so massive and heavy?

    You did not mention the level at which you place the valve. If it is too high won’t the water level will be in your “compossed” waterlogging it, and if it is too low won’t it not be able to wick into the soil. i.e. “compossed”?

  3. how would this be used in an aquaponics system?

  4. Forget your standard wood raised beds, this Wicking Raised Beds are super awesome!! Looks so attractive in the backyard!!

  5. Go Ross
    You are still a legend!

  6. Nice jjob on this bed design and build