AMC Mail Bag – Rotten Tomatoes VS IMDB, Who Should You Listen To?

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25 Responses to “AMC Mail Bag – Rotten Tomatoes VS IMDB, Who Should You Listen To?”

  1. I don’t listen to Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB’s ratings. I go with Chris
    Stuckmann, YMS, John Flickster, Jeremy Jahns, sometimes Peter Travers and
    my friends.
    Most critics seem uptight, pretentious, and bias.
    For example most critics against Man of Steel seem to hate it because it’s
    a darker film. Richard Roeper said this “Superman movie has no joy or
    fun”……..WTF!? It’s a reboot you moron it’s supposed to be different and
    have a different tone. Plus the film did have bright moments (anything with
    Pa Kent and kid Clark and Clark enjoying his powers for the first time) but
    nah its “joyless” even if the original Superman film had Superman crying
    over Lois’ death.
    Also many critics sometime just seem to write their reviews as an excuse to
    use big words and look smart instead of talking about the film itself.

    Finally here’s something interesting that happened before *Carlito’s Way*
    was released:
    A few weeks before the film’s premiere, De Palma told the crew not to get
    their hopes up about the film’s reception. He correctly predicted that
    Pacino, having just won an Oscar, would be criticized; Koepp, having just
    done Jurassic Park, would “suck”; Penn would be “brilliant” because he had
    not done anything for a while; and he himself, having not been forgiven for
    The Bonfire of the Vanities, would not quite be embraced

  2. TheEpicEricblank Reply March 14, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Iron Man 3 also had very obvious deceptive trailers. 

  3. Normally imdb provides an accurate rating for movies, and I’d argue that
    it’s more accurate than RT. However the Interstellar situation is an
    exception, as it is an absolute joke. With fanboys rating the movie without
    seeing it, it can’t be taken seriously. The message board for interstellar
    is also a fucking mess, with both fanboys and haters taking the heads off
    of each other at any chance they can get. It is this that makes me feel
    sorry for Nolan for directing the dark knight trilogy, as he received one
    of the worst fan bases ever (with marvel and dc fans taking the cake). He
    honestly deserves a better fan base, due to the fact that his humble and
    honest approach to cinema completely contrasts his fan base. His 12 year
    old fan base that do nothing but ‘lick his boots’ are becoming extremely

  4. People, IMDB is not a source for film criticism. It’s simply an information
    website with user ratings.

  5. Nintendo could make a Metroid movie, that would be pretty awesome.

  6. Iron Man 3 had a 78% on rotten tomatoes and yet people say it’s the worst
    thing ever. WTF?

  7. batman vs superman is nothing more than a money grab for Warner. They want
    to make that Avengers money and superman alone can’t do it. Mos2/BvS/Dawn
    of justice has become nothing more than advertisement and filler for
    justice league. Btw Guardians made like $100 million more than Man of
    steel. lol 

  8. IMDb is very trustworthy when you get upwards of 10,000 or so ratings. It’s
    a decent statistical sample, sure you get a lot of trolls who give
    everything 1, but they even out with the trolls who give everything a 10.
    Nothing is going to get a 10.0 score or a 1.0 score, but true to life there
    are always going to be people who like or don’t like a movie. Everything
    skews a little, so think of it like this: the IMDb score times 10
    corresponds to letter grades. 85-100 is an A, 70-85 is a B, 55-70 is a C,
    and so on.

  9. The biggest problem with Super Mario Bros was the fact that it was a
    live-action movie. If I was Nintendo or the studio making the Super Mario
    Bros film I would have made it an animated film and that opens up different
    possibilities and storylines. 

  10. Rotten Tomatoes rate Paranormal Activity (2009) = 83 fresh as shit…

    there you go, film critics..

  11. Scream 4 make $38 million Domestic, not worldwide, and added about 15
    million for ads, that put’s the movie around $55 million and it made $58
    outside the U.S., so the movie did make money, now it was the lowest of the
    Scream films by a lot, but don’t miss lead. 

  12. A similar thing to the Dark Knight/Godfather thing happened when Breaking
    Bad ended. Fans wanted it to be the highest rated TV show on IMDB, so they
    started downvoting The Wire. The Wire had a 9.5 beforehand and now has a
    9.4 and Breaking Bad has a 9.6. Not a huge difference admittedly, but you
    see my point.

  13. Who are those 22 people that unlike this. .???

  14. I saw the teaser for Avengers: Infinity and it blew me away. My goodness,
    it is a-fkn- mazing. The dialoge, the music in the background, and then
    Thanos at the end wearing with the Infinity Gauntlet, gave me chills.
    Marvel is light years beyond DC. The Dark Knight is my favorite comic book
    film ever but just because of Heath Leger’s performance and how he
    manipulates the movie, that’s it. Not because of the movie greatness that
    ALL Marvel films (not so much Iron Man 2) have. Man of Steel is likable,
    but that’s it. I love all Phase 1, Phase 2 films + Guardians of the Galaxy,
    everything is super quality, that have comedic elements. And DC gives us
    too little and when they do, everything is so dark and the movie takes
    itself way to serious, I just love The Dark Knight (because of The Joker)
    and kinda liked Man of Steel (could live without it).


  15. For 90% people who want to choose a movie to watch, IMDB is ok. High-ranked
    films on IMDB are often good. There are high-ranked movies on RT and
    Metacritic that I believe at least 80% people find them boring. About
    Interstellar, I admit that it is overrated on IMDB, but it is still a good
    film, I rate it 8.0.

  16. I prefer Rotten Tomatoes over IMDB. On IMDB everyone can vote, from blind
    fanboys, people with no movie knowledge whatsoever to critics. Atleast the
    guys on Rotten Tomatoes have some knowledge of movies and are approaching
    it on a certain level of criticism.

  17. John,

    “IMDb vs RT”

    Wow. You dropped the ball on that question. Fortunately, you don’t do that
    too often. You a very knowledgeable when it comes to the movie industry.
    But in this case you based your answer on the user reviews and not on the
    Metascore which is the critics score.


  18. Here is a question, did Marvel/Disney only add in Iron Man to Captain
    America: Civil War because they knew it make more money?

  19. I finally watched The Raid and The Raid 2 because you guys were constantly
    talking it up on Movie Talk. One of the best movie recommendations you guys
    have made. Totally worth reading subtitles.

  20. Iron Man 3 is better received than Man of Steel, and it completely wrecked
    it at the box office. People don’t buy DVD’s / Blu-rays anymore, the only
    thing that matters is the box office, and Man of Steel underperformed
    horrible and was destroyed by Iron Man 3.

  21. this is painful to watch today. i lost my mother a week ago to Cancer. Take
    care John in your family fight against this beast.

  22. I don’t put any stock in critics’ opinions because I used to read a lot of
    actual reviews and they were mostly rubbish from people who have been
    programmed to think a certain way about films. But if you insist,
    Metacritic is a better choice than RT, they actually have a weighted
    average from only the most prominent veteran critics, whereas RT has people
    from random soap opera blogs and fan sites who contribute to the rating.
    Also, RT is only a % based on recommend or not recommend, so you get a lot
    of high 90′s and also near 0% scores, which is pretty deceptive. Metacritic
    gives you an average based on the strength of the individual reviews. A
    critic who gives a film 3 out of 4 stars will have their score count as 75
    on Metacritic, but on RT it counts the same as someone who gave the same
    movie a 60 or a 100. Someone who gives a movie a 55 counts the same on RT
    as someone who gives a 0. It’s so fallacious. 

  23. Metroid could also be a great movie.

  24. I like the Super Mario Bros. movie. And it’s not only the ‘it’s so bad it’s
    good’ aspect:
    If you forget that it’s supposed to be based on an almost plotless video
    game, and keep in mine the studio and director fought over the movie being
    a serious action movie or a lighthearted comedy, it almost works.

  25. i agree with rotten tomatoes so many critics hate man of steel and that
    movie was garbage