Apartment Hydroponics: How To Grow Vegetables Indoors

3 Responses to “Apartment Hydroponics: How To Grow Vegetables Indoors”

  1. Hey awesome setup! but what type of light do i need? 

  2. Thanks! I ended up with spinach on my plate at 30-35 days! I still have 2
    foot tall basil plants that are doing really well. I now have a small
    veggie garden outside so no need to grow indoors right now. Great fun and
    experience though!

  3. Great job on your video how-to young man. Enjoyed the simplicity of this
    and very informative as well. Am anxious to follow along to see your
    progressions, and it’s amazing to see young new grower, bloom themselves
    into more experience and knowledge as you go. I am sure your vids will get
    better and better as you grow with this experience. Gonna try some of this.
    Thks for sharing… Ken-Orlando, Fl