Apollo Horticulture 250w CFL Review/Quick Update

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13 Responses to “Apollo Horticulture 250w CFL Review/Quick Update”

  1. I run their 400w HPS… pretty good systems. Nice looking plants. Keep up
    the good work man.

  2. To truly kick serious cfl ass, you’d want a 250 watt 6500 K cfl for veg,
    and then swap out the 2700K for flower. Also, look into one of those CO2
    bags “exhale” or “Boost Buddy”. I have other tips as well, but that’s not
    for autoflowers, since you can’t fuck with autos.

  3. I’ve been using the A.H 125w CFL setup, growing on a budget you know how it
    i like it so far as a starter setup, it veg’s actually quite well & with
    proper topping and LST’ing my buds don’t get too “larfy” a few of my main
    kola’s have been semi dense but it defiantly provides a low yield.
    I’m looking to upgrade to at least a 150w hps system soon, but i think you
    will enjoy the 250w.

    Btw the lumens of a 150w HPS bulb is more like 18,000 lumens.
    These CLF’s don’t run that hot as you stated so you should lower the light
    by a few inches.

  4. That’s a big ass cfl. I’d keep a couple 6500k cfl in there also right now
    just for the boost in spectrum. Should would well regardless tho. Have fun.

  5. Hell yeah bro nice HUD that bulb is massive the girls are going to love it
    , nice to see that SMR in there hope it turns out the way you want brotha ,
    I know the one I have going is making me proud , cheers brotha one love 

  6. good luck bro stay medicated

  7. Does it require a ballast????? 

  8. Is this light good to reach vegetative state and also flowering…? Do i
    have to change bulbs for flowering?

  9. DanielUKgreengrower 91 Reply December 18, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    I have the same mate works so good :) 

  10. BIG cfl – I run the 23 watters but i did pop on a 400 watt MH/HPS back in
    May – I got to do a few more up grades before I start using it – temps have
    been an issue for my setup – peace

  11. yo folks did you get my message? blue dream i drooled hehe sweet i had one
    of those the veg bulb i shouldve kept it garden looks good

  12. Big light !
    Hope it gives you big buds !

  13. Nice setup frosty!