Aquaponic Urban Farm Grows Vegetables through the Winter Snow

John from goes on a field trip to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rid-All Green Partnership Farm. In this episode you will lea…
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  1. Great video as well as inspiring. Now I want to these same things now… ~ Aloha

  2. mitchel ashpaugh Reply March 30, 2013 at 2:45 am

    you say you love wood chips, what about wood ashe?

  3. same here i would like to read it.

  4. man you should write a book, I would buy it. I love learning stuff like this, thank you good sir for the knowledge. Also what is the glass like material made out of, I want to build my own green house just not sure what is the clear material made out of. also how do you keep out animals from getting in?

  5. Thanks for the video very informative

  6. Oh and how do the get away with not filtering the water? Every Aquaponoics system I’ve seen filters the water in between fish tank and plants.

  7. Cool Vid… Anybody ever tell you that you look like the guy from that Nic Cage movie Windtalkers?

  8. Why would eating the fish not be an option?

  9. Actually, that is surprisingly not true. Duckweed is very high in protein. Look it up. 

  10. I was wondering if their is anywhere like this in Southern California?

  11. love your videos. 

  12. depends on the species I wouldn’t recommend it if you want fish to put on weight quick as duckweed is quite low in protien

  13. great video watched for the aquaponics stayed and watched the whole video awesome presentation.
    Will watch the rest of your videos


  15. Can fish survive solely on duckweed?

  16. Love it!
    Cold is not really much of an issue on the big island of Hawaii – however – water is!
    Hope someday you do a video on gardening on a’a –> (type of volcanic rock).

    Until then, I got me some thinking to do … 8^)”

  17. Wow I love the veriponics and aquaponics. Great stuff.

  18. Koi are good. They grow big and are very friendly; almost like dogs. Also don’t care about how cold it gets.

  19. Great vid

  20. Awesome. We are considering setting up a system here this summer. The technology is fascinating

  21. universetechnique Reply March 30, 2013 at 10:29 am

    Plus 1

  22. It looked to me like there were holes in the bags. But even if there weren’t as long as the bags weren’t sealed for more than a few days and kept cool it would probably be okay :)

  23. Doesn’t placing the worm castings in a sealed plastic baggie kill the biology of the material?

  24. you can grow goldfish…not for eating but for looking at them and they also keep away mosquitoes

  25. What kind of fish would be good if eating the fish is not an option?