Aquaponics system – Growing tomatoes with goldfish

One of my Aquaponic systems growing tomatoes. There are approx. 60 goldfish in this system.
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  1. Thank you for the video.
    I also have some tips to grows up to 10 x the plants, in half time, with more healthy plants, while the “fish” execute everything…”
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  2. Yellowing leaves on tomato plants, means need more iron in the loop.

  3. I use well water, but I have a Reverse Osmosis System setup. I would recommend RO water to anyone, not just wells.  And let your water sit for a two days if you have city water and chlorine and add a air stone and air pump to get it out bettet

  4. My tomato plants seem to be burning off?
    The leaves start to die and then go really dry and crunchy in a matter of days..
    Any suggestions?

  5. ELMARQUESO DESADE Reply October 3, 2013 at 3:59 am

    Hi, how do you star the tomatoes plant?? Just put the seeds in the growbed???

  6. can you talk about costs?
    thank you

  7. Of course it will man. I won’t work with Aloe Vera, since those don’t need water everyday, once a week or so is good. But if weed needs to be watered everyday or whatever, then, yes, this should be fine, since it aint a water storing plant like cacti and succulents such as aloe veras. Peace.

  8. No, you cannot grow weed with this water based system the roots will develop water rot, or become water logged

  9. No, you cannot grow weed with this water based system the roots will develope water rot, or become water logged


  11. foobargorch, these particular goldfish are fed Omega1 goldfish pellets.

    Thanks for watching

  12. What do you feed the fish?

  13. leebog31. You do not want to use tap water from city water source. Sometimes well water can be used, but test it before use to make sure it is safe. You want to try your best to not add too much water at one time and/or water that has floride, chlorine or other added elements as this will upset the bacteria and cause fluctuations in PH and balance over all. I have never tried growing potatoes in my systems, but I know carrots can be grown. Thanks for watching.

  14. Can you grow anything like potatoes and carrots or just plants that grow fruit upright?

  15. I’m new to this. I want to make one. I was wondering kind of water do you use? You get it from the lake or is it fluorinated tap water? The tap water you have to change the PH levels and stuff right? Thanks.

  16. 44redman1- you most definitely eat the produce, and doesn’t kill the fish.

  17. molinobeer, They create effluent-rich water that is broken down by beneficial bacteria resulting in food that the plants can utilize. ( Fish – Ammonium – bacteria – nitrites – nitrates – plants).

  18. What do the goldfishs do in there?

  19. Thanks, padkisson. @ neogardener, I don’t have much problem with pest. Being that the system is outdoors there is some pest, but not like my plants in the soil garden. I use food grade DE around the base of the system to keep a lot of the problems at bay. This system and another greenhouse system I have are using goldfish, but my test system uses perch and tilapia. Just about any fish will work. It is truly amazing how well the plants grow in these systems. Thanks for your comments.

  20. Your system looks really impressive. I just want to know if you have had any problem with pest infestation so far since your system is placed outdoors. Are you just using gold fish in your aquaponic system? Your tomato plants really look so healthy. Please keep us posted on the development of your plants. Thanks.

  21. Very nice job. That is quite a system!!!