Are heirloom seeds a waste of time, or a necessary prep?

It’s important to understand the difference between hybrid and GMO. While Heirloom seeds are not a waste of time, there is nothing wrong with using hybrid seeds from the store, and most people will get way better results with hybrid seeds. Stocking some heirloom seeds is not a bad idea, and I have some myself. But worrying about being able to harvest usable seeds from your 10th generation of crops may be getting a little ahead of yourself when it comes to your preparations, so keep that in mind.
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  1. coming from a family with a history of farming, home gardening, and vintners (winemakers) heirloom seeds are going to be the way to go. GMO are going to be sterile, hybrid seeds produce wild seeds, heirloom seeds produce the same seeds time and again. also, more than not, produce higher quality foods, in both taste and nutritional values. they will last just as long as hybrid and gmo seeds as well … the slightly higher investment for heirlooms are well worth it. (and make great trades)

  2. I use both types of seeds too. Seeds are cheap so I don’t care about buying hybrids every year. They are better; however, this goes back to your there video about what will be impossible to get when SHTF. A good solution is to get one of each. Seeds are to cheap to spend much time thinking about it. Plant the hybrid first, then next spring plant heirloom and keep the seeds. One note on hybrid, the seeds can be re-planted (for the most part) but it will take on the original unhybrid traits.

  3. Great vid! And just to go with your point if you want some heirloom seeds after a long term SHTF situtation occurs they will still be around to trade for because the fact that any gardener with them will collect the seeds. Its best the store stuff that won’t be around because then its a lot more valuable

  4. I grow collard greens, black eyed peas, and tobacco from heirloom seeds and just save the entire crop of seeds for a SHTF scenario., If you keep the seeds and store them properly, you have an exponentially larger bank of seeds than you started out with after just one season and a pretty solid means of feeding yourself. Also, I’d consider growing some form of cash crop. Tobacco isn’t at all necessary for me to survive, but it would work really well as a medium for trade if I needed one.

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  8. I hybrid seed saved for next season WILL grow, but the fruit will be random. Sometimes you’ll get the exact fruit looking like its parents, but MOST times you will get something that looks nothing like the parent fruit. An Open Pollinated or Heirloom plant will give you children fruit that look exactly like their parents.

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  12. This is a pretty good video with great ideas.
    One thing to not forget is that a line of heirloom seeds over generations have changed slightly, obviously nowhere near as much hybrids but each generation farmers/gardeners SHOULD have been selecting the best of the crop to save those seeds. So selection (natural and artificial) have affected the gene frequencies in a population over time.

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  15. If you save a hybrid seed and plant it the next season you will get a plant.That plant won’t give you the same fruit or veggie that it gave you the season before.It will take about 5 to 7 plantings to get back to the original.

  16. I have experimented with seeds in my garden. I have grown great northern beans two years in a row that I bought as Goya dried Great northern beans (meant for food). I get green beans early and then save the rest as shell beans. I have grown potatoes from the potatoes in the refrigerator. I have grown peppers from the pepper seeds in a pepper from the grocery store that I ate. You can collect seeds from produce at the grocery store and grow food. Try it … you will see.

  17. That opening cracked me up. I’m with you. We’ve planted Hybrid seeds but have heirloom seeds in reserve. Plus heirloom will be good for trading if the SHTF does play out.

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  25. I agree about the hybrid varieties, but also try to get the pure lines used for sustainability.

    Don’t forget to keep a few baskets of potatoes on hand. Its amazing how many potatoes you can get from a single planted potato. There are methods for planting in the ground or using large pots. This will most likely be the staple of the post collapse diets due to their hardiness, ease of maintenance, yield and storability.

    Also a good idea to have a root cellar and to learn to can.