Art of Resistance: Palestinians plant flower garden in spent Israeli grenades

In the middle of the desert landscapes of the West Bank, a small village has become an oasis of Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation. Its re…
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25 Responses to “Art of Resistance: Palestinians plant flower garden in spent Israeli grenades”

  1. Hope world peace one day.

  2. And to the Serbians, don’t forget the Serbians, we recognise Palestina :D and we hate the zionist terrorists… We have been under attack for so long, they even took parts of our land and eclared it to be theirs… :(

  3. hitler is proud of you

  4. didn’t see you calling Jordan, Syria or Lebanese as evil people while they discriminate their Palestinian inhabitants and even killed 10,000s of their Palestinian “brothers”

  5. hara b’dinek ya kalb

    tfooo aleik

    edbach el pisslamic ummah

    kuss emek

    Hopefully Assad will get the peace noble prize for his noble work for humanity

  6. محمد خالد شيخ Reply October 18, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    الموت لجميع اليهود



  9. I give the Israeli people the benefit of the doubt. Would I accuse all germans (during the war) of being nazis? Just look at J-street, they are anti-zionist.

  10. It has been announced to the world that Israel, ashamed of its tarnished imaged, is paying thousands of university students to blitz the Internet and present Israel in a positive light. So do not insult my intelligence, this is not the only website they have been swarming. I am not impressed by your protest, Israel is a hateful, dangerous and highly manipulative country. She would do anything to get the world’s opinion on her side, but it is too much, to little too late.

  11. Nigger please!

  12. Fuck Israel fuck religion fuck the idiots who think they should die over religion or land. Fuck the world I’m going back to playing GTA

  13. Israel is a disgrace.

  14. The koran is a lie, there is no allah, there are no virgins, and mohammed was a self-appointed, war-mongering, blood sucking, child raping, false prophet.

  15. Ahhh, the savages from islam lie once again! I have lived here a year and these filthy, dirty, deceptive muslims wound, rape, rob, and murder more Israeli Jews. It’s disgusting how the leftist media just feels their pain. I am not Jewish, but if I had my way the whole area would be given back to the Israeli’s by force. Amazes me how they get billions from the world community and act so oppressed. Pathetic monsters.

  16. Seem as time pass, Hitler maybe have been a genius ahead of his time! Jew better stop now!

  17. Its bullshit that when people write in support of Israel people just turn there backs and say “Israeli government pays them.” Why cant they have there point of views just like you? Or based what he wrote he just looks like a troll…. I am personally not anti Israeli but I aint pro either, still It bothers me how people see the situation black and white.

  18. Sorry I don’t speak hasbara. Your father sounds like a fucking dildo zionist too.


  20. I agree

  21. Hey Morris, how much do you get paid by the Israeli government for being such a jackazz? You must really want money that you are here posting BS?

  22. No way. Nuke everyone.

  23. No nuke no one , peace is the way forward not war

  24. whell all i know about palestine is ther is war zone there sloter house. i dont hear good news from there. This video show’s to me they are ok they are not monsters y ther is idiots like in every country. but ther is cool people too. hmm fucking propaganda war :/
    i was blind :/ and im from serbia. lots of people think w’r killers and murders etc.
    o god damn it. fucking amerikan propaganda

  25. Whatever is offensive to the Jew’s is their problem not mine, I honestly don’t care much of Jews or any other group of people, they don’t bother me and I am not gonna bother them.

    The only part of “science” that states races exists are usually right wing science, which means politics mixed with science and that’s about as bad as religion with politics.

    There has yet to be evidence of races in human beings.
    And the ones controlling the banks are Fascists and Capitalists not Nazis….