ASMR: Flipping Through Seed Catalog (Whisper)

Lots of page turning sounds as I flip through a Richters Herb seed catalog. ♥ Relax & Tingle ♥ ~ ASMR Therapist Follow me on Twitter:…

5 Responses to “ASMR: Flipping Through Seed Catalog (Whisper)”

  1. Hey there, lovely vid :D Just wanted to say dont get caught up on zones too
    much, especially if its just herbs or annuals. I live on the east coast of
    canada with a cold long winter and a short summer and im able to grow
    anything from hot peppers to pumpkins. The zone is just based on how cold
    your winter is anyway, and hey…we dont grow our herbs or flowers in the
    winter :P 

  2. #ASMR Flipping Through Seed Catalog #Whisper #PageTurning

  3. Love your voice; thank you again for making us feel great.

  4. One of my favorite kitchen herbs is lime basil! I think it adds such a
    wonderful flavor to foods! Im also a huge fan of all the mint varieties,
    but I looove pineapple and chocolate mint. I brew delicious iced green tea
    and mint in the summer, so refreshing! Love this vid!

  5. Awesome once again, love your videos!