Back2TheLand | Harvesting Tomato Seed

Thank you for viewing our first Original video highlighting how to process organic open pollinated tomatoes into pounds of fresh viable seed…

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  1. I’m curious, the seeds provided, will they reproduce true to the fruit you
    harvested them from or will they produce fruit that is a combination of the
    genetic material from the two plants involved in the pollination process.

  2. Heritage- open pollinated seeds will reproduce true to form. I suspect of
    course the variances’ in vitality of the seeds is effected by the growing
    conditions. Hope this clarifies your question. Tomato’s are self
    pollinating, the premise of being called wind pollinated implies that the
    plant must be shaken a bit for the pollen to reach the ova.

  3. You could use a floor mixer if your hands are too delicate. Were I to
    really go big I would use my Univex Floor model 30 quart mixer with a
    paddle, then strain as shown. However my wife might object to using kitchen

  4. Several options are offered on YouTube, I like Ray’s paper towel method for
    a small quantity. Cut the tomato in half and rub in against a paper towel,
    eat the seedless tomato and dry the seeds on the towel in the sunlight.
    Volla!seeds when you want them by picking them off. Good luck.

  5. seeds have a coating on them that takes garden rot (soil) to break them
    down in most common cases.

  6. Approximately how many tomatoes were used to collect that batch of seeds?

  7. No concern on sprouting as this is just a short rinse and bleach. You dry
    the wet seeds in a dehydrator at 105 F and place in a dry jar. I am already
    growing tomato’s from last years seed savings. Remember this works on old
    time heritage open pollinated tomato- NOT hybreded from the store. Best in
    gardening-write anytime. Mark

  8. Very interesting video. I was wandering if this process can be used on
    tomatoes bought at the store since i didn’t garden last year and was also
    curious as to whether or not this technique can be used on other
    vegetables? We mostly grow Roma but I have never grown anything from seed
    and am going to try this year.

  9. Charley Martinez Reply April 6, 2014 at 3:30 am

    I live in a 1-bedroom apartment with a small balcony. Is there a less messy
    way that I can harvest my tomato seeds which requires less space?

  10. six large Russian variety. Look at the other bowels.

  11. most all commercial seeds are washed, then dried. I do not bother.