Backyard Orchard-Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (15)

This Vid was by request to go a little slower in viewing the backyard Orchard. This vid provide a look at all the trees Grapes, Pawpaw, apples pears, Etc..

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  1. You have a beautiful setup. I love the grape plant. I was looking at you picking the fishes. I felt so sad for them and yet I love eating fish. My son sometimes he goes fishing. I just don’t have the heart lol. We have 2 different types of bread fruits. One is the big ones and the other when you open it you will have a lot of little ones. They are delicious especially the donuts. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your sub. I also subbed to you great videos.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Gardeninggirl1107 Reply August 15, 2013 at 6:55 am

    Beautiful garden and orchard :) 

  4. Quick question on the herbs – is it true the herbaceous plants do not like to be fertilised?

  5. The roses look very gd! You shld go a video on them.
    I find roses very difficult – they are pests-magnets!

  6. hey nice work, my daughter watched with me and she wants to try all those different types of fruits. I hope you share your bounty. (:-/) Now i see what you mean. lol

  7. Hi.. yes pests are an issue, but I’m using a couple techniques.. You can watch : Backyard Orchard-Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (13)” to review. 

  8. Hi most of the tress I order on line or pick them up at my local nursery. What you need to do is find out where your local nursery is located within your area. At times depending on the size of the nursery; they can order the tree for you. 

  9. Thank you.. support well received. 

  10. Thanks … try and get a vid out if you can when you introduce the fruit trees in the GH.

  11. Thanks .. The Kiwi can gets very big. The Kiwi vine actually grows like a grape vine, so when it gets about 10ft; and the vine shouts start to get a thicker. You can start pruning like any grape vine, but not to aggressively.

  12. Hi.. At the beginning getting cherries competing with the birds was senseless, but as the tree started to produce an abundance of fruit. I started to get my little share of the harvest. Yes the shade is get under the grape vines

  13. Hi There, No I’ve never considered hosting, nevertheless maybe one day. Thanks for the support.

  14. Love watching your videos. Have you ever considered hosting bees ?

  15. NewEnglandgardening Reply August 15, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    I don’t know how you end up with cherries. After the birds and chipmunks I’d never end up with any. I’d like to have grapes growing the way you have them. It looks like a nice shaded space underneath for some chairs.

  16. This is a classic video of yours, I will keep a copy of this in my watch later list. You show the one plant that I was totally interested in and that the Kiwi I am trying to grow one myself. Is 15 inches tall and I just don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know how big it will grow cannot keep it small. And I like to support you had it on.

    You gave some very good shots and good information. Thank you for this video I learned a great deal more about my Orchard and my Kiwi plant .

  17. Your fruit trees are beautiful. I am just getting into the fruit tree space of gardening. I have started several in my greenhouse!

  18. You are an inspiration. Because of your videos, I have started growing only edibles in my yard. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi I just want to ask where did you purchased your 5in1 asian pear? And your other multi grafted fruit tree? I live in Illinois by the way and I want my backyard to be like yours edible…

  20. Very beautiful orchard/garden! I have a Damsel plum tree that’s about 3 yrs old. The plums are always riddled with worms. Living in the southeast, there is a lot of pests that attack fruits. Do you have the same problem with the damsel plums? Is there anything that can be done?