Backyard Orchard-Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (17)

Not much time for gardening and now the season is almost over. Very sad to see me little plants and trees leave start to turn as our fall season approaches. …
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  1. Aloha from Hawaii! I love your videos, especially your aquaponic
    greenhouse. My husband and I are planning to move to Colorado next year and
    I was so sad thinking that I wouldn’t be able to grow my tropical fruits
    there because of their cold winters but seeing your videos gave me so much
    hope to know that it is possible to do and that they will survive. I have
    no knowledge of aquaponics but it’s something I’m planning to learn and do
    when I get there. I look forward to the day I can walk through my yard and
    pick fruits straight from the tree! Keep up the videos and keep inspiring
    others like myself! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks!

  3. Hi there. I am a teacher in a public school and am going to set up an
    aquaponic system in my classroom. Would you know of any systems around
    Toronto or Ontario that I can visit?


  4. How did you start the process?

  5. It was fun to see you tasting the fruit as you went along. Thanks for the

  6. Your backyard is more than worthy to be placed in the Better Homes and
    Gardens magazine. I’ve seen a lot of the featured gardens and was not
    impressed at all. Your orchard and garden is what I’d call Top Notch!

  7. Your garden is awesome!!!!!!

  8. Dmac very nice backyard. Thanks for sharing. Was wandering what was the
    least amount of sunlight you were able to get fruit from some of your
    trees. Got an area that gets 4 to 5 hours of direct sun and was hoping to
    put a few more fruit trees in.

  9. You have,
    I think, the best garden setup on youtube…..thank you for being so
    inspirational and hopefully one day I’ll be on your level!

  10. I have a backyard similar in size of yours and THIS is what I want MY
    backyard to look like eventually. Just beautiful. Love your edible
    landscape- truly beautiful! :) 

  11. Brother the plumb was awesome the colour is fantastic. Very nice bro. The
    fig was beautiful I’m waiting on mine to do something. How much do you
    prune the fig back bro? I’m looking forward to hearing about the heating
    issue as I’m just now going to heat my GH after several years. I’m going to
    vent the air from my indoor grow room which is 21c into the GH. I’m
    insulating the ducting to help hold the heat but I think even after the
    long run to the GH it should help substantially. Thank you Brock

  12. Nice place, you have a wide varieties of food producing plants! Impressive!

  13. How to care for apple and peach tree?

  14. Hey Dmac609, Thank you for the videos. Very nice garden. I have a question
    regarding your fish tank heater. Would you mind sharing what kind of heater
    is it ? and brand ? Thanks in advance!

  15. Thanks for posting. I am always inspired when I see your garden. Congrats.
    It’s beautiful. I am amazed what can be done in a backyard. You should hire
    out garden design consultation!

  16. Yes the Pawpaw is doing well. I didn’t taste any fruits from it yet, but
    hopefully next year. I’m having issues with both trees blossoming at the
    same time. Next year should be better, since both trees are fully mature

  17. Love your trees. Nice work

  18. I recall from one of your past videos that you had some paw paws (not
    papaya, but the ones from the U.S. related to the soursop). How are they
    doing? Do they taste anything like soursop or sugarapple?

  19. mr. obama love your place hahaha

  20. Cool .. Love to see updated vids when you’re done. The figs I try to keep
    around 8 ft and not let it spread too much. I try to keep it very compact,
    so it’s easier for me to bury in the ground

  21. Fensterfarm Greenhouse Reply December 15, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    I am craving fruit salad now…lol Chuck

  22. Lol.. appreciate your comments:)