Backyard Orchard – Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (5)

Backyard Orchard – Quick look at Fig Tree, Nectarine Tree, Banana Tree, Papaya Tree, Red Banana Tree, Asian Pear , Delicious Apples and Grapes starting to ri…
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17 Responses to “Backyard Orchard – Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (5)”

  1. Beautiful backyard garden and orchard- gives me something to look forward
    to as we start out. Absolutely beautiful trees, looking forward to watching
    your other videos.

  2. Charm City Balcony Garden Reply April 12, 2014 at 8:36 am

    Did you grow the papaya tree from seed? Also, does that tree produce fruit?
    Its so cool you have tropical fruit growing…in CANADA! quite amazing!

  3. Wow, u live in Canada but you’re able to grow tropical fruiting trees? Do
    you get snow? I love tropical fruiting trees and currently trying to sprout
    some passion fruit from seed. I hope you come visit sometime =)

  4. Yes.. The Papaya was from seed, but no fruit yet. This year I hope:) Thanks
    for the support !

  5. Amazing grapes, How sweet they sound (!) : )

  6. Looks really nice, I hope my backyard orchard looks like that one day.

  7. @4GreenEarth2 Yes… I do get snow here in Toronto Canada and it get as low a
    -20c or -4F. I have to make preparation for my sub-tropical trees, such as
    Figs, American Persimmon and Pawpaw trees. The Bananas, Passion fruit and
    Papaya. I have to bring inside or put in a greenhouse… I did take the
    liberty to look at you’re channel. Great Job!! Maybe we can learn from each

  8. @JOHNFMKN – Thank you John..Nothing is overnight… I guess one day at a
    time. I appreciate your support !!!

  9. Thank you..

  10. Hi DMAC, I am your biggest fan… you have such an amazing green thumb
    there! Your backyard is like the Garden of Eden. It’s my lifetime dream to
    own something like yours. You’re truly inspirational… please let us know
    how did you get such great soil, are you using compost tea, etc.. etc..
    Many thanks in advance.

  11. @RedneckHillbillies Thank you.. Maybe you can do a vid on you’re monster
    seedless grape vine. I would like to see it … .. Appreciate the support

  12. Really beautiful. love your garden

  13. Do your plums get black knot at all???

  14. You should see Stephen Hayes’ youtube channel. He has videos on thinning
    plums (stephenhayesuk). Interesting the size they get when thinned.

  15. really amazing garden. how long have you been working on it?

  16. RedneckHillbillies Reply April 12, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    Amazing Garden!! We just planted ten fruit trees this year (3 pear, 3 plum,
    4 cherries) and have one monster green seedless grape vine. I am looking
    forward to the fruit orchard producing as much food (or more) as the
    vegetable garden. Nice vid, hope to see more.

  17. That’s an amazing garden! Probably the best suburban orchard i’ve seen on
    youtube. I hadn’t realised Damson plums produced that heavily. It’s funny,
    the moment i saw all that fruit i went outside and cut a few scions off the
    Damson i planted last year (not fruiting yet). It’s the almost spring for
    us now, so i just cleft grafted them onto some wild cherry-plum whips that
    had sprung up because of the birds. Even grafted onto some ornamental plums
    in my zeal. Perfect timing! Keep up those videos!