Backyard Orchard – Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (6)

Look at plants grown from seed Mangoes, Guava and a Coffee. Then a updated tour of Apples , Plums, Bananas and Figs that has ripen.
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12 Responses to “Backyard Orchard – Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (6)”

  1. Hi DMAC… what do you do with such abundant harvest? you sell the
    fruits or you eat them yourself?…Just curious. :-)

  2. Hi There.. I give most of the harvest away to friends and family and
    sometime donate some to a local church. I do this just for fun to get my
    head away from the rat race that we all go through to earn a buck. Thanks
    for the support..;)

  3. I noticed that most of your large fruit trees seemed to be pruned on the
    top, allowing the branches (some quite large) to grow outward. Is this done
    for the purpose of harvesting efficiency (easy to reach)? Also, do you run
    into problems with branches breaking due to gorwing more horizontal than
    verical? Thanks, and awesome yard!

  4. It’s pruned that way so that the centre can remain clear. I find that when
    I prune this way, the fruits are on the outer branches, easier to reach and
    I get a better yield. The fruits seem to be sweeter, maybe because they get
    better light. I don’t have any problems with branches breaking at all.
    Thanks for the comment, good luck and happy planting!!

  5. Hi April.. This is defiantly true. I normally wait until the first frost
    before I pick the red delicious apples. I can tell you the flavor is second
    to none. This stands true with most apples being picked after the first

  6. I wish I was your neighbor

  7. You’ve done a great job, that’s a big banana tree, so beautiful

  8. When I told her I don’t like red delicious apples a local red delicious
    grower told me that if you harvest after a hard freeze, they will be the
    most delicious apple you have ever had.

  9. Wow…amazing fruit garden. I can’t believe you are in Canada.

  10. Looking forward to watching how you preserve the figs over winter. Great
    garden and orchard!

  11. NewEnglandgardening Reply April 21, 2014 at 1:15 am

    The red delicious looks great. Good job pruning that with the open center
    for light and air flow. Do you have to spray that tree at all. I don’t see
    any blemishes on those apples at all. Very Nice garden tour. Thanks

  12. Good luck digging up your Red Banana tree! I’m nervous for you.