Backyard Orchard – Home Victory Garden Vegetable Garden and Fruit Orchard (7) – Winter /FIGS

Winter is slowing arriving in Canada, so this video shows methods used to preserve FIG trees during the long winter months. The average temperature is about …

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  1. I’ve never seen this done before, very interesting.

  2. @mainemike52 Sorry… I meant Wine Barrel can be used as an alternative
    method as a pot and you can wheel the figs into a garage for the winter. I
    will be doing a vid. on this method soon.

  3. @ProfKSE Good point,never tried straw because I used burlap one year and
    half of the tree experienced damage from root decay. It appears the burlap
    absorb too much water, which was why I scrap the idea and went with just
    soil. Using straw on the other hand may work, but I’ve never really tried
    it. The idea on the other hand sound intriguing , so I may give it a try.

  4. Thank you. I try and pass on whatever I can; in the hope of my daughter
    may benefit from something I’ve taught her. It’s harder now a days because
    there a generation of “i” as I call them… i-Phone, i-Pad etc. … I will
    get her in the garden if it kills me. Just working out a plan to drain all
    the battery power for her technologic devices… Working on it… Thanks
    for the support.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the interesting video!

  6. applause for the surgeon! thats the business

  7. You are teaching your children more wonderful lessons than you know:)

  8. @mainemike52 Yes. the fig trees have a main root that appears to go down a
    couple of feet,once the fig tree is fully established.In regards to if the
    ground freezes and why the tree still survives when it’s above the frost
    line.Fig tress can survive down to subzero temperatures on its
    own.Therefore,covering in up with soil maintain enough warm to keep the
    tree alive. I’ve even seen fig trees being planted in a wire barrel and
    wheeled in the garage for the winter using a dolly.

  9. You’re the expert on burying overwintering fig trees but might it not be
    easier to,after laying the tree down, just cover it with straw? Straw is a
    better insulator than dirt and turns to mulch the next year. It would be
    much easier to uncover it the following Spring. Just a thought. Thanks for
    the videos. Keep them coming!

  10. Is there a main tap root? Doesn’t the ground freeze for a few feet deep or
    not? This is all very interesting to me as I would really like to start
    some fig trees. I never would have thought that I could grow them this far
    north until I first found your channel some months ago. If the ground
    freezes and you only have a couple of feet of soil on the roots I don’t
    understand why the roots don’t freeze as well. If you put a lot of straw on
    top wouldn’t that help? How much soil goes on the rest of…

  11. What a grand idea. I had never thought of burying a tree for the winter.