Backyard Organic Container Vegetable Garden Perfect for People Who Rent

John from goes on a field trip to a viewers home to share with you their backyard container garden. In this episode you will learn exactly how you can set up a backyard container garden which is an excellent way to grow a garden if you rent or have commitment phobias about making changes to your property. After watching this episode you will have the knowledge you need to get out and grow a organic vegetable garden today, so you can start harvesting your own fresh vegetables and fruits and tasting the difference tomorrow.
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  1. Excellent stuff, John! Another VERY informative and most entertaining vid! Keep up the great work!

  2. You could donate one to him….

    Just sayin’.

  3. Thank You John – so grateful for all you share.

  4. Crop rotation is usually done if the previous season crop had any disease. If you grow the same plant in that same spot it may have that disease again. It’s not really a text book procedure.

  5. Can you please teach about crop rotation. What should not be planted close to other things and what should not be planted after other things.
    Thank you. I have learned sooo much.


  7. Thank you very informative. New subscriber to your channel. Look forward to more videos.

  8. Ive been watching John’s video’s for years. I dont see a problem with the sound or video quality some people are just never happy. Whinge Whine ****en Whinge. :D

  9. 20:30 the dogs like, “oh oh busted better play it cool.”

  10. Just what I needed to learn! Thanks John!

  11. Im not whinging!

  12. In Ireland we call dinosaur kale black kale. I buy i regularly at my local farmers market.

  13. Me too!

  14. why don’t you just stick to your pot smoking & STFU

  15. TexasStraightShooter Reply November 10, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    The biggest problem with city water is that it contain fluoride.

    Fluoride is going to be a HUGE problem when folks finally try to clean up the environment in the Federal Union.

  16. The nice thing about people like John is that they are so knowledgeable that they don’t have to make a huge production out of things for us to enjoy their channel :) What he does with his money is his buisiness and I will keep watching reguardless of the quality of the camera ;)

  17. Did i see a dog around 4:49 ?

  18. instead of complaining that Firefly was cancelled, why dont you fund the show?

  19. he gets youtube money, so dont act like he doesnt earn anything from producing this content. I really enjoy it, but hd cameras are relatively cheap and it would definitely add some production value to the show. Should I have to buy it? No, hes a grown ass man and I am not his producer. Nobody in their right mind would tell someone who watches a television to buy any piece of equipment for a show thats on air. So why should that apply here? Because he puts in work? Guess what, thats his job!

  20. Instead of complaining about the free education your getting, why don’t you send him the HD camera of your choice???

  21. John, I’m in a cold and dry country right now and i’m living in a garden and its soil is going to freeze soon. Is there anything I should hurry do with the soil before it freezes in order to prepare for Spring? Or maybe to grow in winter despite the freeze? Apple and quinces, walnuts are falling full speed right now. I have also black grapes NOW!! Mmmmh!

  22. collect $ for that and buy him one, his vids are free for us to see and he spend his time so generously for us already.

  23. Do you ever consider doing Aquaponics?

  24. If we say this in each and every video, he might notice it and he might notice that a lot of us would like it a lot.Now it kinda feels like watching TV in the 90s. John, mate, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but your show would be ten times more awesome if we could see those tasty vegetables in 720p :-) .

  25. John, have you seen/heard of anyone using Light-pipe for indoor growing over the winter?