Backyard Victory Garden — learning how to grow vegetables and fruits before food shortages

Learn how to garden before food shortages occur. A family can supplement their food needs , but they need to get some experience at gardening before the need…
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13 Responses to “Backyard Victory Garden — learning how to grow vegetables and fruits before food shortages”

  1. We have a couple kiwis in the back yard. They get to be huge.

  2. I just steal my food. It’s easier, right? Do you own a small armoury?
    Because when things get bad people will come the hell in there are rob you
    up of all your food. If people are starving and have guns they will risk
    their lives to get food from anywhere.

  3. I put a 1/2 acre garden this year. with all kind of crops, and my wife buys
    10lb of potaos for 2 dollars from walmart. I cant grow them for that. so i
    dont see the savings.

  4. @drey983 I see plenty of people everyday buying doritos and gatorade for
    breakfast @ $5+

  5. Just a few words for you brother. Put up a taller fence.With razor ribbion.

  6. giftfromthemaster Reply April 28, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    wow its been too cold here in norther california to get any produce!

  7. MrsNewAmericaNow Reply April 28, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    @drey983 All the nutrition of potatoes are in the skin but the potatoes you
    buy at the store are soaked in toxins…the plant is sprayed to kill it
    before harvest….then the potatoes are sprayed many times with pesticides
    to kill insects, I believe it is also sprayed with an anti-fungal. The
    savings?….your health and health care expenses. Better to know what goes
    into your food, so you know what your eating! The old saying “you are what
    you eat” it’s very true!

  8. @drey983 when their is no more walmart


  10. SimplyIncredulous Reply April 28, 2014 at 7:02 pm


  11. @milkbig550 Exactly! Great questions!

  12. hello, You know him. When asked about the Kiwi plant. First of all, I think
    you doing outstanding job which you garden. And I also am a gardener trying
    to get information how are you doing with the Kiwi plant though what I
    planted a Hardy Kiwi plant. it’s only one plant. it does not need a second
    plant to produce fruit. Some would say it’s a dwarf Kiwi plant. Thank you

  13. The whole idea is to LEARN and GROW!! NOW befor walmart and every store
    w/food closes it’s doors!! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL NOT FEED YOU or i
    should say will not supply you w/food when SHTF but oh they won’t think
    twice about feeding YOU and YOURS to ANYTHING THAT WILL produce feed for