Best Salad Greens to Grow Indoors In Your Winter Kitchen Garden

John from answers a subscribers questions: .1 What leafy salad green can be grown indoors and provide enough for a salad on…

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  1. you could also start a compost bin to get good soil to use put some red wigglers  in it and have some good growing bedding material

  2. For those concerned about chloramine, it is easy to remove from treated water. Just add 1/2 tsp molasses or 1/8 tsp humic acid per gallon of water and let it sit for a few hours. You can even toss a handful of castings or compost into your bucket of water. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) works great as well and has the bonus of lowering ph if your water source needs it. The presence of organic matter breaks chloramine down into chlorine, which quickly evaporates.

  3. watch food matters , forks over knives , the beautiful truth , th gerson miracle those r great I liked them way better then fat n sick nearly dead , they have lots more info

  4. button mushrooms grow fast and don’t need light. hope that helps :)

  5. Excellent video! I live in Quebec, in Saguenay region, it is very cold here during the winter and the growing season is very short ( for outdoor gardening it is from June 10th to October 10th and -40° in January!) I grow sprouts in winter and start my veggies for the season indoors. You are very fortunate to be able to garden year around! Go fort it! You lucky gardeners!

  6. you shouldn’t use those walmart lights. You should use compact flourescents above that. Those are the worst possible growlights. Probably even worse than an incandescent. You will get 0 results with that.

  7. ‘It is a sad puppy that can’t wag it’s own tail’ so here goes… I have the ONLY video I have found that shows growing sunflower sprouts without soil… =-) They are milder flavored, cleaner to have on your counter and actually sprout better for me than those grown on soil… /watch?v=LgfQiRLVt8k

  8. OMG, he took way too long to get to the question. I had to move on to another video.

  9. very informative. I’m thinking about growing leafy greens here in Wisconsin, myself.

  10. Great advice for us Michiganders. Hey Mike say yah to da up eh. I hope your having good like with your indoor garden.

  11. Some places have Home Owners Associations that vote to restrict anything but decorative landscaping. There may be limits in other communitites too. Bummer but not to give up! find your spot. a container with mixed plants add a couple flowers to make nice?

  12. Marcus Freelance Reply July 16, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Heard it. 

  13. If he needs compost and isn’t the outdoors type he should consider using a worm bin!

  14. happybuddyperson Reply July 16, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Carrots can be sprouted from the cut off top, if there is an inch of carrot left on the top. then you put it into a bowl of water until greens and roots are sprouting and a few leaves have developed, then it can be potted or planted.

  15. happybuddyperson Reply July 16, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    why would that be illegal?

  16. You have been using SEA-90, right? Are you continuing to buy it? I just took your advice and watched the ‘got sprouts’ video…really a great video. Thanks John!

  17. growingyourgreens Reply July 16, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    SEA-90 is not Ocean Solution. While they are both trace mineral supplements from the ocean, each is unique. Which is better? I have no idea. Use them both for a synergistic effect.

  18. Is the SEA-90 the same as Ocean Solution? I just ordered the SEA-90 from the link you gave us in another video of yours I watched. Is SEA-90 good for indoor ‘greens’ garden? Thank you for the great information and your positive energy. Smiles, Lark

  19. corporatejungles Reply July 16, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    My goal this year it to grow everything I eat. I even have chickens for my meat source. Just need some good weather to make it happen.

  20. ok I’m gone start this now. Thanks John! John and others do you know how to start growing celleri from the white base? Not the bottom of the stuck but the actual root? I have a root with its stalk and I’m starting to experiment so I need guidance :)

  21. Thank you to both of you! Not all of us have access to all the stores. So any little help is a lot of help. Just started sprouting, ordering and shipping and handling can add up. I. Like the tip on the sunflowers from Walmart. Thanks again!

  22. Hi! I saw your comment and thought I’d give you a recommendation. I’ve always lived in apartments (currently a townhome) and thusly have also always had only a balcony or tiny patio. But I’ve really gotten into gardening, rain collection and composting. I did a lot of research and eventually settled on a composter from Amazon (Woodland Direct Tumbling Composter). It’s been super easy and I’ve gotten some great compost out of it. It also doesn’t take up too much space!

  23. Jeez, you are the blabbingest moron.

  24. Marcus Freelance Reply July 17, 2013 at 12:20 am

    Please Answer me on this, is that not illegal to grow food on your front lawn