Best Source of Garden Soil to Grow Your Vegetables.

John from goes on another field trip to share with you the best sources of garden soil, and how you can obtain it.. If you …
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  1. Offer free yard mowing and spring cleaning then take your equipment to
    gather your neighbors leaves branches and everything you know bats poop on
    those leaves and worms eat them and poop in there also if you really want
    cow poop go get a scoop full and toss it in there and throw all that stuff
    in your front yard then break out the lawn mower for about an hour your
    going to be loving it lol´╗┐

  2. Wiki article on Sphagnum (peat moss) conservation; Large-scale peat
    harvesting is not sustainable as it takes thousands of years to form the
    peat “bricks” that are harvested in just a week. In particular, the
    extraction of large quantities of moss is a threat to raised bogs. Coir has
    been touted as a sustainable alternative to peat moss in growing media

  3. thank the good Lord for places like home depot, lowes,wally world . And
    John ty for these videos that you do

  4. howcome all the “organic” soil i get at the stores, miracle grow etc has
    GARBAGE in it, plastic, plastic bags etc :/// so not cool, i got 3 diff
    ones and the same thing

  5. Mine doesn’t … my worms compost everything .. I keep a cardboard on top
    of the compost heap .. it’s in a special container with a lid on it. I keep
    it outside. No smell

  6. I found out that in order to get the mineral rock i have to drive to tampa
    or daytona (about two hours either way. But they also told me that Florida
    soils dont need it and lowes and home depot sell only things needed for
    local soils. How much validity do you think they have john?

  7. Does your compost pile smell?

  8. I have a question: If Jimmy cracked corn and the nobody cared, then why was
    there a song written about it?

  9. In the midwest our lowes does not have all the plants out yet. They have
    last years soil mixes. Going to wait until May.

  10. Oh, i went to lowes today and i built my totally awesome gigantic trellis.
    The box method really worked! My trellis is about 8 or 9 feet high, im
    going to try the passion fruit on the south east side of my house,
    hopefully it will shade it. Thanks for shoring me how to build those
    things….my neighbors hate me now :)

  11. What if you just want to start in a container and then transfer to the
    ground? This is my first time, so just wondering. Thanks!

  12. i use kellog patio plus organic potting soil it works well

  13. I am still waiting for the last frost so i could put my plants outside..
    and plant more..

  14. blisflvolcanodweller Reply May 18, 2014 at 12:57 am

    Another thing to consider: does your local green waste processing center
    mix in potentially contaminated soil for “custom blends”, for example, from
    a local military base that might have radioactive contamination? I wouldn’t
    expect a truthful/knowledgeable answer from them to that question. Just
    another reason to make your own compost at home.

  15. garden pro in delaware. they sell bags of humus and manure from lowes, for

  16. Thanks John, I llive in an area were composte is very limited. I usually
    buy my soil from lowes and walmart.

  17. MyLittleGreenThumb Reply May 18, 2014 at 1:40 am

    Go to your nearest farm buy one year old “compost” which is aged cow
    manure. I pay 60 dollars for a heaping pick up truck load.

  18. RedSoxBowHunter Reply May 18, 2014 at 2:35 am

    John, this will be my first attempt at a garden. I live in South-east
    Massachusetts and we have a compost pile that has been in the back yard
    since I was a kid. My question is, would the soil under the leaves,
    pine-needles, and branches be a good idea for my raised bed?

  19. I must say I love watching all your videos. It’s great to see how committed
    you are to organic gardening!

  20. Yolanda Soto Lopez Reply May 18, 2014 at 3:47 am

    I love all your videos, keep up the good work

  21. Thumbs up John,…luvin’ these vids ya do and well, in my area there’s only
    a Home Mart, and considerin’ its Spring(this monday 21st), i’ll be checkin’
    out the Home Mart!! = )

  22. Catfishchic Waits Reply May 18, 2014 at 4:50 am

    Hello, John, great show! I have a question. What will happen now that I
    have my container garden planted with Miracle Grow Gardening Soil? I went
    to Walmart a few weeks back and asked the lady in the Garden Dept. what
    soil to use for vegetables in containers. She told me Gardening Soil is
    what was needed for the job. Now, I am learning that it is not good to use
    it in containers. What will happen and how to fix it? Thanks for your
    advice, if you can offer any. Catfishchic

  23. rut ro… so don’t use this? it wont work? If you did buy it do you have to
    mix it with other things? peet ? manure?

  24. I just put my own compost and horse, cow manure mixed with bone meal my
    plants love it, especially tomatoes