Best Source of Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seeds in the World

John from shares with you his favorite and best source of Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seeds in the World. With over 13500 varieties available this resource is the one you want to have access to.
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  1. John, I’m new to gardening. Last year I grew some lettuce & peas in some window boxes. I didn’t use open pollinated seeds though. This year I plan to use a portion of my backyard to make some raised beds (viewed your other videos).

    QUESTION: Do they make open pollinated “fruit” seeds? If yes where can I get them? I didn’t see any on the seed savers exchange website. I see the vegetable seeds but not any fruit seeds? Maybe that yearbook?

    I hope to hear from you or some of your followers soon!

  2. Yes and remember they lie lie lie, look up Codex Alimentarius to learn what they are trying to do to us.

  3. great job i have lots of heirloom tomatoes that i purchased from sse a couple years ago. I am not a member yet , but i get their regular catalog and if you love tomatoes this is the place to get them. so many different heirloom varieties to choose from you wont ever get tired of tring new kinds

  4. why do people buy seeds? Is it difficult to use seeds from previous plants?

  5. I love seed savers!

  6. man i can feel your passion ! you almost lost it a couple times lol, you just plain rock!
    i actually teared up watching your video, xlnt info, thanks for all you do for us!

  7. Hi John-I applaud your passion and commitment! Keep up the good work!

  8. Cool stuff. I’m just getting started on my garden here in Oakland and thanks to you all this great information is available. Thanks!

  9. DisasterManagement1 Reply December 31, 2012 at 1:12 am

    My first adult garden I planted hybrid seeds because I just knew no better. They tasted better than the grocery, but just barely.

  10. Another great reason to grow flowers near the bed, it to attract the honey bees, to help the polination of the veggies you want to grow.
    Always help the wildlife, as they will in return help you, we can’t survive without one another ; )

  11. Yes, you totally need to calm down. That is what let’s the message flow. Re-think. Bless you for the efforts and the time you are giving.

  12. okraw and rawfoods

  13. wow Man Claim down guy I know this idea needs to be implanted into the people you screaming will not get people to really listen Yes I am I have been interested since 1975 but many thought that i am insane If you are inside so you can edit a few seconds of each plants and seeds but you clammily explain that the people needs to grow their know food GOD bless your wishes

  14. what are his other 2 channels?

  15. John wanted to let you know that i really like what you have done on youtube on your 3 channels.

  16. google SSE and UN This is a disturbing change about how SSE in now operating.

  17. princesspamela1959 Reply December 31, 2012 at 5:50 am

    I’m voting with my wallet!… I just ordered the catalog… i don’t even have a garden right now… but someday… I’m feeling like hoarding seeds… so what…. some day they will call me an “OUTLAW”! Thanks for all that you are doing!!!!!

  18. cool seed exchange

  19. In canada: golden acres, vesseys, T&T seeds. This is where I get mine from.

  20. John  how can someone email you

  21. seedsavers are amazing,heard about them years ago. i will join this year,

    Eliot Coleman speaks highly of them too, he’s like my organic farming HERO.
    see tis video on seedsavers and using soil blocks. i just received my soil-block-makers from the guy that runs this channel, Very pleased. arrived in 2 days from ordering.cross country.OR to NY.
    … watch?v=juUu2KGPCTE

    this is SUCH a cool way to start your seeds!!!!!

  22. The Digger’s Club in Australia did extensive trials on traditional heirloom and open-pollinated seeds vs modern commercial hybrid seeds. Interestingly, they found that the heirloom varieties almost always outyielded the commercial hybrids – usually because they provided a longer period of yield – exactly what the home gardener wants! They also tasted better! The idea that we need hybrids and GE crops to “feed the world” is a dangerous MYTH!

  23. John you kick ass man! Thanks for all you do to educate us on growing our own greens! Where can I get a good juicer for fairly cheap?

  24. I have been wanting to join them for a while now, and will when I get the space and energy to garden. You are certainly passionate, you looked to be on the verge of tears a couple of times………….growing good nutritious food and feeding people with it is certainly something to get behind!! Keep up the good work!!!

  25. i got a catalog from High Mowing seed company today it is a good catalog