Best Way to Control Pests Organically in the Garden and More Q&A

John from answers your organic gardening questions including: 1. How to get pallet raised bed to drain excess water due to plastic lining? 2. A Rat is eating…
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  1. I live in west TN and the squirrels are a BIG problem!! Is it possible to
    discourage squirrels from terrorizing my small garden??

  2. Christin Sheppard Reply April 4, 2015 at 8:52 am

    Hi there I am new to gardening and have started a container garden. I have
    something eating my mint and basil faster than I can pick it! Swiss cheese
    like holes, but I can not find any bugs upon inspection. I also have
    rosemary in the same window box growing great between the basil and mint,
    which looks to be untouched. My question is, rather than cococt a spray to
    deter the pests is there anything that I could plant between these herbs
    that would discourage the insects in question? Thanks :) 

  3. Hi do you still use insect frass. I saw a video you did in 2011.


  5. Hi. I posted this question on Johns channel last week but he didn’t get to
    answering it. Maybe you could? Every year my squash plants are killed by
    vine borers. I rotate on a 4 year schedule use row covers until the plants
    outgrow them and spray with neem oil. Still every year I end up trying to
    carefully remove the grubs and the plants never recover and die. I have had
    hubbards, waltham butternut, zephry, and pattypan killed by borers. Any
    help would be appreciated by anyone.

  6. John! All my sprouted seeds keep falling over a few days after germination.
    This makes it particularly difficult to transplant. I read this might be a
    result of the plant light being too far away but I have not been able to
    fix the problem. Any suggestions?

  7. Hey there!! Do you have problem with cricket moles ??

  8. YEA, you answered my question! THANK YOU =). I’ll move the pots into a
    shadier area. I may spray the undersides of the leaves with a water/ACV
    mixture too. LOVE my peppers, kills me to see them loose all their leaves.

  9. An owl box is a good idea. But using a cat can be dangerous, because if
    someone left poison out, and the vermin eats it, and then the cat eats the
    vermin, it can kill the cat! =/ Also cats are pets, and even ferals should
    be treated well. What if the feral cat got ran over by a car or something?

  10. Can I grow miners lettuce in a mostly shaded area that is always moist? I
    think it might get a little bit of light but not much at all. If miners
    lettuce isn’t a good choice for that type of location than what type of
    food should I grow in an area like that?

  11. The one tip I didn’t hear about pests is not to grow things that have pest
    problems. Now if you have things you really like and don’t mind the bit of
    extra work, ok. But if you are frustrated and fighting to keep a plant than
    you are indifferent to and don’t get the reward anyway then use the space
    for something else. Gardening is supposed to be relaxing. If you are
    getting mad, get another variety or species for the space. :)

  12. Hi there! I never had this problem before, it is having too many
    caterpillars! They ate a pot full of parsley and call the leaves from the
    broccoli and cauliflower. The kids and I are loving seeing so many, but at
    the same time none of the broccoli and cauliflower have produced this year.
    How do I get rid of them? Thanks!

  13. What is the best bagged garden soil? If you don’t want to purchase
    materials seperately to add to the raised beds. Thank you. I enjoy watching
    your vidoes, very informational.

  14. John, I have an unrelated question which I hope you will eventually answer
    in a video. I watch them all. I’m trying to grow Veganically in containers.
    The general question is what advice you have. I have plenty of veganic
    compost from oak and bamboo leaves that were composted in the yard. I can
    use kelp for trace minerals, and Azomite, and Great White. Why do we need
    the animal products ? What substitutes should I try in my experiments.

  15. Yes, it doesn’t kill them instantly. It slowly scratches their exo-skeleton
    and dehydrates them. I can’t imagine he lasted too long.

  16. I would also recommend diatomaceous earth. You can wet the leaves and then
    “puff spray” this powdered product on them. Since you can eat this stuff
    directly, it won’t hurt you.

  17. John, what are your thoughts on the back to eden gardening system?

  18. try neem oil becouse Neem oil is good for u

  19. An informative episode, yes. An “exciting episode,” no. But thank you for
    answering our questions.

  20. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply April 4, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be relocated than disposed
    of quickly.

  21. BTW, I’ve heard these are good Havahart 5265 Spray Away Motion Detector
    Sprinkler Animal Repellent and Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated
    Sprinkler which you can get on amazon. But warn Chico so he doesn’t get
    shot in the face when he barks.

  22. social3ngin33rin Reply April 4, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    depending on the specie, worms are good

  23. I’m with you, John. I’m always wary when “scientists” take only one part of
    a plant and isolate it for their purposes.

  24. Concerned about the ferrel cat comment. Ferrel cats were born outdoors and
    are capable of searching for food outdoors and find shelter. Do not go to
    the shelters and adopt a cat that was someone’s pet. They do not
    aclimitatize to the outdoors well since they have been dependent on humans
    to provide food and shelter. They are not mousers. They can seldom defend
    themselves against wild animals or dogs or sever weather.