Best way to plant tomato seeds

Happy Spring! Well as promised (threatened), here’s my first garden tip of the season. It’s a pretty good one too if you want your tomatoes to get off to a good strong start. :)

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  1. Thank you for your quick reply i went and transplanted them gave them more dirt and it has chicken manure.i put them outside will the heat ruin them i got them in the shade temp 86 degrees, i grew these seeds outside so they had enough light i am thinking it was the heat that made them come up fast and very thin. So should i keep them inside or outside in the heat. I live in S.E. TX. THANKS.

  2. Increase the light. Also make sure the soil has enough nitrogen. Those two things will give you a stronger plant quickly. :)

  3. Hey Ray please i need help fast, my tomato seeds are tall and thin what did i do wrong? also how can i save them now, plus what temperature do they need to make a thick stem? thanks Ray you are so sweet. Anna

  4. whosurdaddy69269 Reply May 7, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Thank you,,I The love the info ,,even the gardening I’m doing is with no soil,,,just Hydroton n pea gravel ,water n Fish,,But the info on the plants,how prune , trim , n even seeding,,It helps ty again,,,
    First time gardener Devin,

  5. I really appreciate all your gardening videos. Thanks a lot for all the great information.

  6. It depends on the type of plant. Tomatoes, peppers and other plants that take time to grow are started indoors to get them decent sized and strong before planting outdoors. Things such as corn, carrots and other seeds that are planted in volume are planted directly outdoors. I don’t soak seeds in paper towls. I plant in small pots. It’s not better or worse than how you mentioned. It’s just a preference. :)

  7. nowwatchmework2011 Reply May 7, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    I was wondering do u start most of ur plants by planting them right in soil or do u let them soak either in a glass of water or paper towl till u see the tape root?

  8. newgardenman2012 Reply May 7, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    Thanks for another great video Ray. I couldn’t agree more about Gurrney’s. Thanks to your recommendation I bought my seeds from Patriot this year. I can’t wait to see the results.
    I’m going to try starting my tomato seeds like this this year. Hopefully they will look half as good as yours do. Keep up the great work.

  9. Thank you so much. I am going to try it from story bought organic. Hope it works. I love your videos. So glad I found them. I will try to grow in a bucket in the inside/outside porch. It is south facing and has glass wind screens. Avoiding the salad bar for gophers and deer for now. Thanks for all your info.

  10. I cut open the tomatoes, rub the seeds and goo on a paper towl and dry this in a sunny window for a week. I store this in a sealed plastic baggie for the winter in a cool spot inside. In the spring I tear off a small section of paper towl with a couple dried seeds on it and bury it 1/4 inch in potting soil in a small cup. The small piece of paper towel helps draw moisture to the seed and keep it moist for germination. It quickly breaks down in the soil with no harm to the plant.

  11. I added compost to my mix because it is nitrogen rich. A standard see starting mix has little if any nutrition. Starting mixes are usually designed solely to be light and fluffy for drainage and easy of growing. Adding a little compost will give the young plants a crazy good boost to get them off to a fast growing start. There is no bad side effect of doing this. I think you’re going to like the results.

  12. Did you say that you plant saved seeds from your own tomatoes. If so, can I ask how you prepare the seed. Is it ok to just squeeze the seeds and gel out into the soil? You can tell I am new, but need to start now to get them going so thought I’d ask. Thanks.

  13. i had the weakest looking tomato plants last year.. came home numerous times to them lying on their side… i spent time propping them up until eventually I got them growing well in my garden… What started out weak became a bumper crop of juicy roma tomatoes…

  14. use a mini green house or a seedling heat mat if your germinating area inside is too cold… the green house can be anything really.. but they sell them at the store too.. Keep the gh sealed until the seedlings sprout…then creat a few vents (size dependent on number of plants or size) The heat mat is nice.. keeps soil about 10 to 20 degrees above ambient air temperature..if you do that then use a greenhouse, you get fast results as far as germination goes.

  15. I just love your videos! Your energy is contagious! :-) I am a newbie to planting seedlings- you mentioned compost and the potting soil. I was under the impression to use a seed starting mix b/c the other would be too strong. Would this work or will they be less hardy in comparison to the one you have? If I go with the seed start would this transplant directly to the ground (after hardening off) or would I have to transplant it to a soil that is more nutrient rich/give it fertilizer first?

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  17. wow you replied really fast and thanks i’ll give it a try

  18. Sure you can start them outdoors. Plant a few seeds per hole to make sure one germinates. The reason they are easier to get started indoors is they prefer a warmer soil to germinate effectively. When in doubt, give it a try though! :)

  19. GardenCalifornia Reply May 8, 2012 at 2:19 am

    I moved back up to the mountains on our big acres of family land, so I get my garden this year, but like a real one in the ground, YAY! I am starting my seeds indoors, because you can’t plant outdoors up here till like May or June. I’m just having some trouble getting the seeds to germinate, because keeping the heat on in my room all the time, is costly. I hope I can get most of them to sprout though, because I REALLY want my garden this year, lol.

  20. yeah my ma didn’t take me serious ether until veggies started to show up in the fridge

  21. hi i had a question i’ve been gardening for a few years now but i allways start everything i grow at home in my grow room would my tomato plants even have a chance if i start them outdoors?

  22. Bah! I wish I would have seen this video before I sent in my question for Weekend Update, but nevertheless - I cannot wait to see what you do on the topic of soil pasteurization! :-)

  23. great! now i have to replant all my tomatos :(

  24. awwww… *blush*

  25. You have a gorgeous smile…and sound really enthusiastic…makes me feel good about my tomatoes…lol :)