Better Homes and Gardens – Gardening $1000 Challenge: front yard final

Jason finishes off his front-of-house makeover.
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10 Responses to “Better Homes and Gardens – Gardening $1000 Challenge: front yard final”

  1. What color did you use to paint the concrete? Was that cement that you
    placed the bricks on around the tree?

  2. Brilliant..I wish you do it on our front yard too.. :D for a $1000..

  3. What’s the point of the sidewalk in the yard if there’s no sidewalk to the
    road? Should have put bricks all the way to the curb. And painting concrete
    just looks tacky.

  4. Garden Sheds Kent Reply June 28, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    I am always get attracted to someone who has an ability to transform a home
    into a very welcoming one. I have nothing to do but to appreciate your
    expertise. I really learned something new. 

  5. 1000 bucks is still expensive!!

  6. Curb appeal is nothing but modern day myth by your local assessor to pry
    more money from your hard earned butt, I mean wallet.
    I wish this close to listened to their sale pitch and subscribe the
    magazine. But you get what you pay for I guess? The magazine are full of
    cockery and utensils and as seen on TV ads, plus worthless “can be found
    for free” recipes.
    But I will definitely subscribed when I have my own place, with garden, RV,
    BBQ, and all. It is so photogenic!!! Beautiful.

  7. Was not wish, typo.

  8. Please tell me how your gay

  9. Very nice , wish you’re my neighbor , you can fix my house.

  10. Sweet