Beware of GMO Seeds Get Organic Non GMO Heirloom Seeds

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25 Responses to “Beware of GMO Seeds Get Organic Non GMO Heirloom Seeds”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I will remember about this and tell my
    wife about it, she just started her garden this will be helpful for her.

  2. This is very informative info on GMO. & the fact that this contains 50
    different seeds adds plenty of variety to a garden. My boss has a garden, &
    I will forward this video to her. She will be delighted, & so am I! Thanks
    for sharing this video.

  3. Mona Ladyconsumer Reply January 7, 2015 at 6:24 am

    This is an incredible product – I plan to buy it as a gift for my friend
    who is totally into gardening, and always worried about what goes into her
    body. This is a great, healthy product!

  4. I would love to try your heirloom seeds. It would be great to be able to
    save seeds every year from my garden. I tried some heirloom varieties this
    year in my vegetable garden and am anxious to see how high their yield will

  5. I absolutely love this idea for seeds… I’m getting into gardening for
    the first time now, and my cousin suggested coming to Youtube, to look up
    more info. on Organic Non GMO Heirloom seeds… Thank You so much for
    sharing your information, wish Me LUCK….!

  6. There isn’t enough data out there educating people on GMO!
    This is really great information ,thanks for sharing us. :) 

  7. This is very informative and well described. It’s easy to understand all
    the points being made. How do they make the seeds non GMO? I enjoyed it a
    lot and will share what I learned with all my friends.

  8. ILove it!!! 50 different kinds of organic vegetable seeds….that’s
    awesome. Just what I need for the garden I’m starting. Glad I found this

  9. i was looking for fresh and organic vegetables to grow and though this
    video i got what i was looking for long time ago .great video with lots of
    information for farmers .i wonder that weather we can order through online
    or not ?

  10. There isn’t enough data out there educating people on GMO!
    This is great information ,thanks….

  11. This is great information. There isn’t enough data out there educating
    people on GMO!

  12. You always have to be careful with organic seeds. I intend to try yours.
    Good luck!

  13. So important to get non GMO seeds. Not just for individual wellness but for
    our earths food future.

  14. I have been very aware of the gmo seeds and foods that are being produced
    and I must say that organic non gmo is the best way to go!

  15. Michael Killingsworth Reply January 7, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    It’s nice to see a company taking a stand against foods with GMOs in them.
    Start right at the source with the seed and you have the beginnings of a
    very healthy and organic diet!

  16. its is to learn about non GMO seeds, i really like this video. i am very
    happy i found this video.

  17. Me and my friend love organic food. Its good for health. Now we planning to
    have a organic garden. 

  18. I started my first garden this year with these seeds, my tomatoes are
    growing with no problems. I’m so glad I found these non gmo seeds. My
    garden is doing great..

  19. It is really scary what companies are doing to our food. I prefer to grow
    my own and glad to find these organic non gmo seeds to do so.

  20. my friend was told me about GMO. i was looking for this. its too much
    helpful for me. i’m gonna working on it.

  21. 50 different kinds of seeds are more than enough. as a garden lover it is
    good to learn the good of GMO!! Awesome video! 

  22. Very informative! I’ll definitely try out some Organic Non GMO seeds for my
    new garden.

  23. Choosing Non GMO seed is extremely important for our health as well as for
    our family.

  24. I am happy to know there is non GMO products out there. Thank You!

  25. I think this is something too look out for and i’m glad that you brought it
    too my attention i really think that everyone should know about this
    because my friend has actually used them and told me it was the best thing
    she has ever done in her life and there is nothing that she would take back
    so i want my friends and family too be able too know the difference and i
    am sure they will be getting some i can’t wait too follow up some more on
    this !!!