Big Tomato Cages – Growing a Vegetable Garden

Building and installing larger tomato cages. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at

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  1. Great information. Those cages will last for many years. I used hognose
    clips years ago instead of twisted wire when I made mine. They are more
    commonly called hog rings. They are used in a variety of applications
    such as upholstery. Real easy to put on and doesn’t leave the sharp edges
    that the twisted wire does. Thanks for the great videos. You’re a natural
    born teacher. 

  2. Your video on the construction of tomatoes was very helpful. Last year I
    grew some Cherry Tomatoes that were in those cheaper store bought cages,
    and I was constantly trying to come up with ways to keep them from falling
    over. The plants reached a height of over six foot, and most of that was
    hanging over the cages. This year I expect bigger tomato plants, so a
    bigger cage will be needed. Planting time is just around the corner here in
    New York, so finding your video in time was a blessing. Thank you.

    So I understand this right… You take a roll of wire, cut it to a length
    of 6′, fasten the ends together, pound a T=post into the ground and attach
    the cage to this in two places?

  3. hi im 58 yo made mine like that when i was 20 and their still as good as
    when I made the back then. I use ever year and store outside the rest of
    the time

  4. Hello Webcajun, I have a question for you. I have a pumpkin plant growing
    very nicely. The only problem I have is that I need to move it but it has
    attached it self to my fence. If I remove it from the fence will it hurt
    the plant ?

  5. Constructed your Big Tomato Cages last summer. They certainly beat the
    commercially made tomato cages on the market. Thank you so much!

  6. I take it those are indeterminate.

  7. I like his videos,soothing no noise,just gardening

  8. My main weapon against weeds is the Hooke n’ Crooke hoe…..Donald

  9. Glad you enjoyed the video……Donald

  10. are their a variety of ‘mater that has a spicyness like a red pepper. i
    think tomaotes and pepper seem related

  11. @fanmegaman …It’s another must have for the garden. lol……Donald

  12. @Mr2wings … Cauliflower is a cool weather crop and as you said July was
    hot. Peppers should have done well in the heat. Not enough information for
    me to even guess……Donald

  13. I mainly plant 2 varieties, Better Boy and Coustralee. They get fertilizer
    when planted and a little Miracle Grow during the season. Good soil also

  14. @ubluvsmgb … You got me on that one, getting rid of frogs. LOL Maybe add
    a little more pepper to the mix and they’ll leave too. You’re welcome and
    glad you enjoy the videos…….Donald

  15. @broadwayFan28 … Coustralee is a pretty good heirloom, just slow to
    produce. I’d also like to try the Brandywine Pink which is also slow. Will
    be planting both of those in the fall. This spring I’ll be planting hybrids
    Better Boy is one that does well here…….Donald

  16. whats the point of the tomato cages?

  17. Donald, you got the life. !!

  18. hey how are your tomato plants doing that were growing out of your driveway
    cracks? did you get a 6 ft. cage for them too? lol

  19. ahh yes that’s what my father used to use, and you seem to have perfect
    soil, unlike our damp UK soil..

  20. constantinosbassman Reply December 31, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    DATS GUD Ya !!!

  21. Hey, i have a question. How do you keep the weeds down?

  22. @spiritartman …Louisiana

  23. I like those pickled beets with a good rice n gravy. I’m out of em too but
    will be planting more this fall. It’s back to the Dr next week so I’m
    hoping for good news…..Donald

  24. to make help with the cages, instead of tyin’ every point with other wire
    you can just use the concrete wire itself. the overhang that you had left
    over, just take the mini bolt cutters and twist the concrete wire back over
    the overlap point. making a U in the wire. thanks for the videos!

  25. They do work well…..Donald