“Build a Hydroponic Herb Garden for Cheap!” by Epic Gardening

Download the free eBook by signing up to the Epic Gardening mailing list – http://www.epicgardening.com/ In my first ever Epic Gardening tutorial, I’ll show…

5 Responses to ““Build a Hydroponic Herb Garden for Cheap!” by Epic Gardening”

  1. +BackToConstitution You can download it by signing up to the mailing list
    at the bottom of this post: http://www.epicgardening.com/hydroponic-herbs/

  2. what is the link to get on the mailing list. I don’t see any such thing on
    your homepage. The links in the description do not include the newsletter
    signup. Many thanks

  3. What size reservoir are you using? It seems a little deep, I think a
    shallower one would be better.

  4. Hey – you can download the ebook at my site in the video description – just
    sign up for the newsletter (it’s free!)

  5. BackToConstitution Reply January 18, 2014 at 3:29 am

    Download the ebook? Where?