Build an Herb Garden Out of a Shipping Palette

The concept is that you water the top plant and it drains through to the plant below that and then to the plant below that. Tools and Materials Shipping pale…

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  1. i like this one
    personally would use shim wood or something
    inside the open part where you screw to pallet for extra strength to hold bottles

  2. A coffee filter at the bottom is probably a healthier alternative

  3. Great idea to recycle, love it BUT plastic will leach chemicals in the roots of the plants – perfect for decorative plants but would not recommend for herbs that you will eat.

  4. What a groovy idea! ( yes I said groovy : ) ) Only thing is, I have such a hard time finding pallets. I am in Atlanta GA.

  5. Looks to business. I rather used some sort of black plastic sheet to block out the light. You could also paint the bottles but then you would need to prime first…which is a hassle obviously.

    This idea has been used in a hydroponics version. With 10L or even 19L water cooler bottles and 2 L soda bottles as well..very nice looking, very city windowsill …Even an automatic drip watering system has been done using an aquarium air pump, an inflation needle for sporting balls and some tubing.

  6. ima try dis one thanks man

  7. Word. Lemme know what you thinks.

  8. Thanks.

  9. Nice. Keep me updated on how it goes.

  10. Oh I can’t wait to do something like this! Never thought of using my plastic bottles like this, awesome idea!

  11. Nice!

  12. They held up to the weather here. Not sure about the how they would fare it temps that were regularly over 100 or so.

  13. You don’t think some of the plastic bottles might fall due to weight? The sun would warm up and soften the plastic, making it more likely to bend. I’m not sure if that’s enough to cause them to fall off, but it’s just that some of those bottles are made with very soft plastics. Maybe I’m wrong, and two screws placed far enough apart is enough.

  14. Newspaper is commonly put into compost piles. Some people think it’s good and some bad…

  15. I’m not sure I would want the ink and chemicals they use for newspaper in my plants(that I want to eat), have you looked into that at all?

  16. Appreciate.

  17. Charles Philipps Reply May 22, 2013 at 10:35 am

    very very good video , many thanks for posting this !!

  18. Word. Glad you likes. The garden bed would’ve been a much larger project.

  19. Wow I wasn’t expecting that! Lol I thought you were going to cut them in half lengthwise and just set them in in pallet so the pallet would lay like a raised garden bed. This is great! Saves space and recycles the water for other plants!

  20. The wood looks like the oak boards they sell at the lumber yard so I think they haven’t been treated. We throw so much stuff away in the US and then just make more of it. I hate it that so many things go to waste. Cool that you come up with ideas for recycling found materials.

  21. Dope. Just make sure that they haven’t been treated with chemicals.

  22. I like this idea…here in the east though most pallets are made from hardwood and usually are oak. I’m building a deck box from a few of them I’ve found. It’s going to look awesome !

  23. I love this idea! A neighbor just moved out and has several pallets thrown out…I’m grabbing them tonight! lol! This seems like fun.

  24. Haha. Thanks.