Building My Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Greenhouses (Without PVC) & 3,000+ Subscribers! Thank YOU!

In this video I bring you along as I try to build really sturdy 32′ raised bed greenhouses. I can pop the top gables out, change the height with couplers and…

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  1. I marked and put a 90 degree bend at the 5′ (halfway point). Due to the length of the beds, they bow a bit at the middle and so I layed the bent pipe on the bed (90 in the center) and marked each leg where I wanted the bend to come back down to the ground. I probably would have been better served to make a plywood jig and make each hoop the same. The 2nd bed turned out much better and even than the first, but it got the job done ;-)

  2. hi love your channel i finally got all the material to build a green house like yours what are the measurement to bend the emt pipe i have 10 feet lengths to make the top portion thanks keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Great videos you have my sub. keep up the good work looking forward to this year


  5. Thank you. This is one crazy Spring.

  6. That is a lovely greenhouse. I hope you don’t have a lot of wind. That would not last more that 2 days in my garden. The wind blows almost constantly from 15 to 30 mph. I want a greenhouse so badly but plastic just will not last for me. We are trying to gather enough old windows to build a permanent greenhouse. It’s still cold here, too. We even had a little snow today and are supposed to get more tomorrow.

  7. We got lots of slugs in the beer traps and manually picked off a ton too. For now, the problem seems to be under control. If I can just get the ladybugs eating the whiteflies, (see video) we’ll be in great shape! Thanks for asking!

  8. LOLOL Mine too!

  9. The 3/4 is too big for the metal conduit (at least the schedule 200 is). 1/2″ schedule 200 makes a nice fit, but I didn’t have enough. I had extra metal bracket clamps and they worked pretty good so that’s what I used. Poor boy’s got poor ways ;-)

  10. Thank you Sheila. Good luck. Oh and buy a few extra tubes because you will need a one or two extra to get the bends right ;-)

  11. Why not use the 3/4 inch pvc clamps to hold the cover down? This way you make the
    clamps longer for the ends.

  12. Fantastic! I’m going to do the same. I have always wanted to do this, and this WILL BE DONE as soon as I get to Lowes for the materials on Wednesday. I loved the pvc video you and your father did, but I think the metal may be better, and that’s what I had considered before anyway, so it’s metal for sure. I must admit it was you and your father that finally got me to “Go For It” and now I’m sure. Besides, it will be great for starting seeds and early crops too. Thank you! so encouraging.

  13. :o ) Well, it’s absolutely gorgeous music and compliments your video wonderfully.

  14. Awesome…as usual. Thanks!

  15. Thank you Reaganite71 for all the wonderful videos, please keep sending them!!!

  16. I built my raised bed cold frame from 2×2′s. I attached them with hinges onto the box. The temps can’t get very very hot during a mild day so the hinges allow me to open the raised bed fully with a hook and some cheap chain cut to length. I can also open them when I’m expecting rain.

  17. with all that work– you DESERVE a good crop !…… I’m gonna do a scaled down version and you gave me more thought.

  18. LOL. and the camera wasn’t recording. Happens to my husband all the time. Arms go up and something always falls down. Can’t wait for your next video to see how the transplants took. All mine look gorgeous now but I’m thinking OK when are the bugs coming to eat them all. Gotta love the south

  19. enjoy your videos heaps, have learnt plenty from them. the only thing i dnt like is the music on this video, sorry, lol. id rather listen to you talk and tell us what your doing its more enjoyable. keep up the good work and keep off the music, lol

  20. You have such great ideas…thanks for sharing!

  21. You have done an amazing job on those greenhouses!!! Congrats on reaching 3000 subscribers. I think around the world are having strange weather fingers crossed for a fantastic summer. jo

  22. Tell me about it. My tomatoes were in the early stages of being root bound and were circling the bottom of the red solo’s. Feels good to have them in the ground. I can’t wait to watch ‘em run now that there’s nothing inhibiting them.

  23. Thanks Joey and Holly. I managed to do the final 32′ bed by myself in about 3 hours, covering included. The hardest part was getting the top of the hoop level with the one before it. I’ll be able to use a small pipe cutter and a metal coupler and raise them to any height needed. Later this summer, it’ll be dandy as a shade cloth skeleton.

  24. Thank you.

  25. Thanks so much. I would have had a more upbeat tune, but I was stumped for a long enough track of royalty free music and that was what I wound up using. I’ll try not to break your heart on the next one ;-)