Cable Spool Waist High Raised Bed Garden at a SLC Community Garden

John from takes you on a field trip to one of the community gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. Learn how to make a waist high raised bed garden out of a wooden cable spool and find out what people are growing in Salt Lake City as well as learn how they are fostering community in their community garden

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  1. Oh I forgot to ask how to drain it?

  2. John, I just watched this because I am building a waist high bed out of some free wood a friend gave me. I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to grow in it. Should I use a pond liner thats safe for fish or those plastic mixing cement buckets. I think the wood is Pine and I’m sure it won’t last long if I put the soil directly in it.

  3. Actually Tomatoes and peppers grow really well here, you should check out the wasatch community garden plant sale here, I planted over twenty varieties of tomatoes here last year, thanks to them promoting heirlooms and interesting varieties

  4. hey glad you came to SLC, there is starting to be a real garden culture here.

  5. I didn’t see the ornamentals you mentioned but maybe they planted them as a companion plant to further the health of the vegetable….??

  6. we call them capsicum but i agree orange green red and yellow

  7. Yup, they are cross sections of bell peppers.. I figured it out after I look at it some more..

  8. The raised beds in this video were made with 2×6 lumber that was stacked 3 tall, so about 18″ tall overall. Please check my other videos for an episode I talk about how high to build your raised beds. For MOST things, 12″ will be sufficient.

  9. To each their own judgy judgerson.

  10. the spool looks like it could be for people who smoke. How big are thoughs rasied beds.

  11. its pot hehehehehehehehehehehehe just jokeing. :)

  12. the other sculptures are red bell peppers i think

  13. Those sculptures in the background are sliced peppers – red, orange, green and yellow. John, check out my “Sunflowers in the Yarden 2010″ video on my channel. I planted lots of veggies in my front yard. Cheers!

  14. I envy those people.  We don’t have any coummunity gardens in our towns.

  15. i thought you meant in general, yea the raised beds in this look about 2 1/2 feet tall

  16. Thanks for the info; but the gardens in this video appear to be taller than twelve inches.

  17. bout 12 inches for fruits an veggies

  18. What is the height of the most of the raised gardens?