Can I Compost Oranges and Other Citrus Fruits & More Organic Gardening Q&A

John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode, John will answer the following questions: 1. Can I use pressure treated lumber lined…

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  1. Garden time is here.

  2. Great video , If anyone else wants to grow you own fantastic healthy fruit
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  3. You should put the time of the video on each of ur questions for faster and
    easier viewing

  4. I think the pressure treated wood has glues and or formaldehyde in it. Over
    where I live in Aus it is called composite wood. I think that is the same
    as pressure treated. I HOPE JOHN READS THIS. Maybe he can clarify this?

  5. University studies, many from Finland, showed vegetables grow healthier n
    more pest n disease resistant in human urine. U.S. university/college
    agricultural extension infor depts. recommend it. Human urine has a
    cornucopia of minerals n nutrients in a form plants can take up right away.
    Dilute 9 parts water to 1 part urine,too high in nitrogen on its own. Young
    plants 19:1 Urine is typically sterile and soil bacteria makes it safe.
    Feces has pathogens. Cut back on salt added to your diet

  6. John, I left you a message on your Facebook Timeline on this video post you
    should not miss. 8)

  7. While I do use some diluted urine in my garden, when an extra shot of
    nitrogen is needed, I mostly wizz on my compost too. Often after drinking a
    few beers.

  8. U do a lot of gardening bro?

  9. John, isn’t you “back yard garden” in Nevada, and your “front yard garden”
    in California?

  10. looking good feeling great ! Selah,Wa.98942

  11. thank you so much for answering my questions John. your explanation was
    similar to my ideas about the seeds. I haven’t herd to many people talking
    about the genetics in the seed so thank you for sharing your opinion. I
    originally had the question because I have been buying seeds over the
    internet and i physically do not get to see the plant and cant tell how it
    was raised. so i will be sourcing my seeds to find the best genetics and
    then saving my seeds to improve upon those genetics. thank you

  12. Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed it.

  13. I forgot to say I live in Manteca California .

  14. I think, John, if you converted your yard to a permaculture garden you will
    lower the cost of your gardening by about 100%. Even with your raised can
    remain, but stop tilling them. Just cover with the compost and plant in
    that. Don’t pull out plants, cut them off at the ground level… unless
    they are weeds! lol.

  15. Gen 2:15 and the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden
    to till it and to keep it. 16 and the lord God commanded the man, saying,
    of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

  16. Hello John, I live in san jose, CA. First time gardner . It’s seems to
    appear vegetables like sun But not full sun all the time. One side of my
    backyard is always full sun and other side is always shaded. I believe
    leafy vegatables need mostly shade and tomatos need mostly sun. How would
    you stratigize this situation. Using planters and moving around will not
    work either because there is no partial sunny area. Also what do you think
    about unside down planters like topsy turvy? Thanks

  17. Awesome, love your attitude to livestock as pets and not being harvested
    for meat and your awareness of degraded processed foodstuffs by tptb and
    that you can back engineer by growing them defects out. The urine thing was
    good to hear too. Awesome channel.

  18. It seems like the tree collard seeds should be good because they would be
    pollinating with themselves however even if a few seeds do not, by
    germinating 100 seeds all it takes is one plant that successfully grows
    desirable, and then we can propagate from there. a little like gambling but
    it is not like seeds are expensive or costly to ship.

  19. Thay was funny “screw you man” *flips bird*.

  20. I agree. Screw Facebook.

  21. Marshall Henderson Reply April 14, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    First time watchin’. This was kinda bland, not a lot of entertainment. BUT,
    great info! You obviously know your stuff. Got my sub! ;-)

  22. Glad I found your page! Thanks for all the tips! Please keep it up

  23. Vincent Alexander Reply April 14, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    Hi John I just ordered your Bolivian Cucumber Seeds on facebook. Stoked to
    grow those man! THANK YOU!

  24. John, as a raw foodist, does that mean you are vegan? Do you eliminate all
    forms of meat from your diet? If so, what are your views of using bone or
    blood meal on your plants and vegetables?