Candide Make Our Garden Grow: Bernstein Hadley Anderson

June Anderson, Jerry Hadley, cast and chorus sing Make Our Garden Grow, the finale to Candide, conducted by the composer himself, Leonard Bernstein – London,…
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  1. Raspberry to you! :-) 

  2. And in Heaven, Aaron Copland says to Lenny “Not a bad piece of work. You learned more from me than I even knew”.

  3. love it

  4. I have said this many times but just before I leave this Earth this is the last thing I want to hear. So beautiful… thank you Lenny!

  5. Jerry Hadley was a University of Illinois alum. His death was untimely and upsetting, but I’m proud to be studying at the same university as him,

  6. Jerry Hadley–what a loss!

  7. Lenny’s last and truly breathtaking.

  8. Well said. Great tribute to a fine school and a wonderful composer. His every note was perfect, his harmony thrilling. Bravo Indiana U and RIP lenny. Jerry Hadley too. Bernstein loved him.

  9. 3:37-4:35 Best part. Way too many goosebumps!

  10. i had the honor of being in that ensemble and we did a world premiere at kennedy center. we had a band of over 200 full of current and past students. We play this song every year at the last concert and tonight when we played it, it was amazing. Mr. A you will never be forgotten and as you made our garden grow over the years we will continue to make it grow. WHS WIND ENSEMBLE <3 ( i posted half of the message already but it was long so i had to split it )

  11. Tonight we just had a surprise retirement concert for one of the best music teachers out there. starting back 25 years ago with 15 kids in our band he made the number grow to over 100. In his first couple years once the band hit 125 he created an advanced ensemble who in there first year performed in an international music festival in viena. two years ago that ensemble performed a world premiere at carnegie hall and this year

  12. I like the song for the fact that it basically summarizes the point that Voltaire was trying to make when he wrote Candide. I find the entire musical amazing, but I like this piece the best. His compositions of the West Side Story production are also pretty cool.

  13. Opera theater at Music School at Indiana University in Bloomington just finished a run of Candide. Many of Bernstein’s papers came to the school of music archive for posterity just a few years ago. He had a special and long term relationship with the school of music, which is consistently ranked one of the top two in the nation.

    The musical Candide is a marvel. I have three different albums of the three major variant productions of it over the decades. You simply cannot tire of it. Awesome.

  14. Remember singing this with the National Youth Theatre, Carl Sanderson and Polly Lister as leads. Made me cry to hear this again. Very powerful, very emotive, very reaching.

  15. why do they roll their R’s ?

  16. Marvellous and very moving………………….

  17. ThinkOriginalThought Reply September 21, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Leonard Bernstein is just fantastic… If you ever have the chance to see On The Town, you’ll be blown away.

  18. darlingstrawberry13 Reply September 21, 2013 at 9:36 am

    This is so fucking beautiful.

  19. Im in this show right now, this song makes me cry when i listen to it. BUT as i usually wouldn’t laugh at a comment like this…it can’t be unheard 0_0, hahaha

  20. Not only was Bernstein an exceptional composer, but he was also a virtuoso pianist and conductor. He has more of my respect than any other musician or composer within the 20th century.

  21. What a shame that we no longer have Hadley. 

  22. The best of the Best of Mr. Bernstein’s. Love it and listen to it often. This has become part of my own creed of life. Thank you doug

  23. Wow. Bernstein was dead within a year of this recording.

  24. 4 people’s gardens did not grow.

  25. PLAYING THIS SONG IN MIDDLE SCHOOL ORCHESTRA!! :) LOVE IT!! haha our teacher made us listen to this i think