carbon based lifeforms – hydroponic garden

carbon based lifeforms – hydroponic garden.
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  1. When i listen to Carbon Based Lifeforms, naturally being a Carbon based
    life form, I like to eat some Carbon based psilocybin — fiend to sun baths
    and sex thrills, I eat the top off the mycelial network. What a better way
    to realize your already enlightened state and get in touch with the planet,
    than through the plants themselves…

  2. The downside of hydroponics is that you must buy “plant food” or nutrients
    and supplements which can be costly.

  3. i know its soo amazing.

  4. But there is amazing, never I unheard similar ale to jest niesmaowite,nigdy
    nie słyszałem czegoś podobnego

  5. agreed with Aminojack, boards of canada id the reference of IDM

  6. @SeltsamerAttraktor well the cool thing about psycadellics is your brain
    already works the same way the drugs make your brain act just more intense
    on certain chemicals

  7. Wonderful sounds from unknown sapces come check my video to listen Irdial
    from their last album

  8. try aes dana or solar fields, those 2 and cbl are often considered the best

  9. another good tune from CBL

  10. SeltsamerAttraktor Reply October 5, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Srsly anyone who needs drugs to go on a trip with this music has some
    serious problem.

  11. I can’t help but close my eyes and journey through the majestic landscapes
    this song creates…

  12. Fantastic tune! Never heard it. Thanks for posting!

  13. one of my favs from this artist

  14. @Gsidez10 …Try Supersede…:)

  15. groups*

  16. What have I stumbled upon this is simply magnificent!

  17. One of the best songs ever.

  18. take a look at the pic, and imagine someone’s mostly closed eye (his right,
    looking at you); the stem is the optic nerve; the pedals about the bud are
    the eyelids and external (skin) muscles… might even see a tear from the

  19. I heard aload of differnet tunes in my whole life. One were good, another
    were worse… but hydroponic garden is the best. just relax and enjoy the

  20. Think this is my all-time favorite ambient tune.

  21. love this track, brilliant production really.

  22. very goood

  23. @geoped1 are you on acid or shrooms or something lol

  24. Sunday Morning 7.21=)

  25. Two guys from Gothenberg, Sweden.